Wiki Guidelines

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Hello dear contributors to this wiki. Here is a set of rules and tips for the use of these pages.

a) Do not upload copyrighted material. Use your own words and wisdom

b) Pictures: Do not upload protected material. If you post pictures of movies, credit the source (for example the DVD, company and what movie it is) in the image description page and add one of our copyright templates to it, for example {{Screenshot}}

c) Our own content is somethign we are proud of. Our reviews, descriptions, articles and so on should not be published on our websites without given credit. So we have a little template that you can insert at the bottom of every page where you wrote good content yourself: {{Tarantinowiki}}

d) Please use the discussion pages to coordinate content with other editors. Use the talk pages of other editors to exchange messenger and email data. Make friends with others, and don't forget that all editors here have the same nickname in the message boards!

more coming soon

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