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A "wiki", just like Wikipedia, is a website that offers content which everybody can edit. To keep abuse under control, we only allow logged-in users to modify our pages. But the general idea of a wiki is, that you can add information to pages, correct mistakes, create new pages, or remove things that are unfitting. You can upload pictures and other media, you can link pages to ease navigation, you can post ideas and questions on the discussion page (every normal page has one), and you can - simply - be creative. Why do we do this? The Quentin Tarantino Archives can't be run by just one person, time does not permit. So we put you, the community, in the front seat, and you can help create the biggest and best place for Tarantino fans on the internet.


All you need, is a working account at our message board. Make sure you don't chose any special characters for your password or username, and be careful because those are case-sensitive. Now use the same username and password to log into the wiki here, and you're all set. Start off with our help, FAQ and tutorial pages that we are preparing or just play around with a page that isn't so much at the center of everybody's attention and just get the feel for using a wiki.

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