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This page is a breakdown of what major things are going on here. This page is both for visitors (to check out what is happening, what features are new and what's coming soon) and for editors (to see what projects are currently being worked on, what things have to be done).

UPDATE: Until further notice, this page will serve as a to-do list and project coordination page for our editors.

To do list

  • Set up complete pages for all Tarantino's movies, complete with pictures, dvd, screenplay, soundtrack, trivia, reviews and other subpages. slightly modelled after the current grindhouse page, and movie pages on the spaghetti western database (STATUS: in progress)
  • transfer all content from to the wiki, all reviews, articles, interviews, pictures (STATUS: in progress)
  • write all those help pages and tutorials (STATUS: dormant)
  • create a set of rules and conventions for poster sizes, screenshot sizes, copyright policies, etc (STATUS: awaiting debate)
  • establish shopping functionality, i.e. fill up all the DVD subpages, book pages, merchandise and soundtrack pages with all necessary information, pictures and Amazon links that include's referral code (STATUS: in progress)
  • fill up the Links page (STATUS: dormant)

Notes to our editors

  • Please check "minor edit" if you're only making minor changes to a page (spelling, adding words, only fixing small things, adding categories....)
  • If you have a messenger (AIM, YIM, ICQ, MSN, Skype, Google Talk, Gabber etc) please share it with the other editors so we can coordinate our efforts
  • Use our forum to discuss things if necessary, convince others to help out
  • Report technical problems
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