Jackie Brown Extended Soundtrack

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This is a complete chronological list of all tunes in Jackie Brown. Songs are marked if they're on the CD or not.

Track Listing

  • 1) Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack (on CD)

Open titles & End titles

  • 2) Chicks Who Love Guns - Joseph Julian Gonzalez (not on CD)

"Chicks Who Love Guns" video

  • 3) Jizz da Pitt - Slash's Snakepit (not on CD)

"Chicks Who Love Guns" video

  • 4) Cissy Strut - The Meters (not on CD)

Beaumont phones Ordell/Ordell and Louis in Max Cherry's office/Ordell and Beaumont talk outside his house

  • 5) Strawberry Letter 23 - Brothers Johsnon (on CD)

Ordell puts Beaumont in the trunk of his car (this track is also on the extended Pulp Fiction soundtrack)

  • 6) Baby Love - The Supremes (not on CD)

Simone's performance

  • 7) Brawling broads - Roy Ayers (Coffy ost) (not on CD)

Jackie is stopped by the cops in the airport parking area

Jackie in jail

  • 9) Exotic Dance - Roy Ayers (Coffy OSt) (not on CD)

Jackie's trial;

Jackie in Nicolette's office (she decides to cooperate with the police)

Jackie talks with Louis and Ordell in Melanie's apartment

  • 10) Natural High - Bloodstone (on CD)

Max sees Jackie for the first time

Max and Jackie in the car

  • 11) My Touch of Madness - Jermaine Jackson (not on CD)

Jackie and Max talk in a bar

  • 12) Tennessee Stud - Johnny Cash (on CD)

Ordell in his car waiting for Jackie

  • 13) Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time - The Delfonics (on CD)

Max and Jackie listen to a Delfonics album

Max listen to the Delfonics tape in his car

Ordell and Max drive to Max office

  • 14) La La La Means I Love You - The Delfonics (not on CD)

Max and Jackie listen to a Delfonics album

  • 15) Mad Dog (Feroce) - Umberto Smaila (La belva col mitra ost) (not on CD)

Melanie is watching "la belba col mitra" on her tv

  • 16) (Holy Matrimony) Letter to the Firm - Foxy Brown (on CD)

Max Cherry buys a Delfonics tape

  • 17) Inside My Love - Minnie Riperton (on CD)

Jackie and Ordell talk in the bar

  • 18) Who Is He (And What Is He to You?) - Bill Withers (on CD)

Louis and Ordell talk about Melanie, Simone e Sharonda

  • 19) Aragon - Roy Ayers (Coffy Ost) (not on CD)

Jackie puts the money in her bag inside the toilet of the plane;

Max come out the dressing room with the shop bag

  • 20) Undun - The Guess Who (not on CD)

Melanie and Louis are late...

  • 21) She Puts Me in the Mood - Elvin Bishop (not on CD)

Ordell phones Louis and tells him they are late

  • 22) Street Life - Randy Crawford (on CD)

Jackie in her car

  • 23) Midnight Confessions - The Grass Roots (on CD)

Melanie and Louis in the van;

Louis kills Melanie and jump in the van

  • 24) Escape - Roy Ayers (Coffy Ost) (not on CD)

Jackie runs in the mall then calls Ray;

In the van, Ordell understand that the shop bag is full of books

  • 25) Vittrone's Theme(King Is Dead) - Roy Ayers (Coffy Ost) (not on CD)

Max takes the shop bag Jackie left in the dressing room

  • 26) Grazing in the Grass - Orchestra Harlow (not on CD)

Ordell kills Louis

  • 27) The Lions and the Cucumber - The Vampire Sound Incorporation (on CD)

Max phones Ordell

  • 28) Monte Carlo Nights - Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods (on CD)

End titles/(End titles of Max's movie too)

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