Werewolf Women of the SS

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Werewolf Women of The S.S.
  • Writer/Director: Rob Zombie
  • Genre: Nazisploitation-Sci Fi


Actor Role
Nicolas Cage Dr. Fu Manchu
Udo Kier Commandant Franz Hess
Sheri Moon Eva Krupp
Tom Towles Lt. Boorman
Sybil Danning Gretchen Krupp
Bill Moseley Dr. Heinrich von Strasser
Andrew Martin Nazi Boxer
Vladimir Kozlov Nazi Boxer
Olja Hrustic Werewolf Woman
Meriah Nelson Werewolf Woman
Lorelle New Werewolf Woman


  • In World War II, an evil group of Nazis led by Eva and Gretchen Krupp (The She-Devils of Belzac) along with their new friend, the legendary mad Asian scientist Dr. Fu Manchu set out to create an army of super werewolf beings to take on the Allied Forces.


  • According to Zombie, "Basically, I had two ideas. It was either going to be a Nazi movie or a women-in-prison film, and I went with the Nazis. There's all those movies like Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS; Fraulein Devil; and Love Camp 7—I've always found that to be the most bizarre genre." In a recent interview with Zombie, he confirmed that over half an hour of footage was shot for Werewolf Women of the S.S. It has not been stated at this time if the footage will be featured on the eventual Grindhouse DVD or expanded into a feature-length film.


  • Quote from Rob Zombie (Jan 27, 2007): "WEREWOLF WOMEN has wrapped production and could quite possible be the greatest motion picture ever made!" (Source: myspace.com/robzombie)


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