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Tarantino, Tim Roth and Chris Penn signing Reservoir Dogs posters. Photo (c)Todd Mecklem

The Manhattan Beach Video Archives that was once located in Manhattan Beach, California is the video rental store that Quentin Tarantino began working in at age 22. While at Video Archives, Tarantino met his friend Roger Avary, who he co-wrote the script Open Road with. He also became friends with Craig Hamann, who he co-wrote and filmed My Best Friend's Birthday with. Also working there was Chuck Kelley, co-founder of the internet radio station LuxuriaMusic, and Daniel Snyder. The store was owned by Lance Lawson. After the store went belly up, Tarantino bought its entire inventory (Roger bought the Laser Discs, Quentin the VHS and shelves). On July 19, 2022 the two start a podcast discussing the movies from these collections.

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The Video Archives Podcast

  • Starts: July 19, 2022
  • With Roger Avary and Quentin Tarantino, with announcements by Roger's daughter Gala
  • Publisher / rights owner: SXM Media. The Show is produced with SiriusXM podcast subsidiary Stitcher.
  • Producers: Josh Richmond, Gala Avary
  • Engineering: Devon Bryant
  • Executive producers: Colin Anderson, Natalie Mooallem
  • Production support: Earwolf (Stitcher's comedy podcast network)
  • The show will be available on Stitcher, the SXM App, and all major podcast listening platforms
  • Subject of the show: films from the Video Archives inventory
  • Trailer


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