They Call Him Machete

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  • Genre: Mexploitation-Action


Actor Role
Danny Trejo Machete
Jeff Fahey The Well-Dressed Man
Cheech Marin Father Benicio Del Toro
Alicia Rachel Marek Daughter


  • The "Mexican Charles Bronson" Danny Trejo (Desperado, Heat) plays the hard edged title character. Cameos by Cheech Marin as a priest who wields a shotgun and Jeff Fahey (J.T. in Planet Terror) who plays a businessman who hires Machete to do a job, only to double cross him. Machete gets it on with his wife AND daughter in return as part of his payback!! Its a cool trailer with some great one-liners!


  • Robert Rodriguez has confirmed that he will do a Machete movie that goes Direct-to-DVD.


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