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The Hateful Eight is a western by Quentin Tarantino, slated for production in early 2015. The project gained notoriety after an early script had been leaked and Tarantino initially shelved it. He organized a live script reading in the spring of 2014 and confirmed the project will go ahead after all, at the 2014 San Diego Comic Convention.


General Info

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History of the project


Quentin Tarantino announced in a TV appearance on Jay Leno that his next movie would be another western. Shortly afterwards, Deadline broke a story about the title and potential actors QT had approached with an early version of the script. On January 21 however, QT turned to Deadline to announce he will shelf the project, after he found out the script had been leaked in a too early state and he will instead turn to other projects, possibly publishing The Hateful Eight as a book. Days later, the script was spread by the gossip magazine Gawker without permission, Quentin promptly took them to court two days later. Ultimately, the case got dismissed and the issue is for now set on ice (there is an option to reopen).

At San Diego Comic Con 2014, Quentin officially announced that he would be shooting the film in early 2015. The same day, the first official artwork appeared (a preview of a full page ad in Empire Magazine).

Among the actors he approached for roles were Bruce Dern, Tim Roth and Michael Madsen.



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