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Quentin Tarantino appeared on the second part of a 1988 episode of The Golden Girls called "Sophia's Wedding", footage of which was re-used for a flashback sequence in an episode that aired in 1990.

"Sophia's Wedding" (episode # 4.6) 11/19/1988

On Sophia's wedding there is a group of Elvis impersonators. The one in the back is Quentin Tarantino. He's the only one who is playing the young Elvis.

"Sophia's Wedding (1)" gs: Jack Gilford [ Max ], Fritzi Burr [ Esther ], Raye Birk [ Caterer ], Harvey J. Goldenberg [ Preacher ] rc: Salvadore Sophia refuses to attend her old friend Esther's funeral because her husband Max ruined his and Salvadore's business 40 years ago; but when Max shows up, she decides to marry him; b: 15 Nov 88 pc: 082 w: Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan d: Terry Hughes

Sophia's Wedding (Part 1) gs: Jack Gilford (Max Weinstock) Sid Melton (Salvadore Petrillo) Fritzi Burr (Esther Weinstock) Raye Birk (caterer) Harvey J. Goldenberg (minister) The death of a close friend, Esther Weinstock, brings Sophia face to face with Esther's husband a man whom she vowed never to speak to again due to things that happened in the past. However, when Dorothy prompts them to make up they get a little to close and wind up in bed together. Soon after, they announce their engagement, something that Dorothy is totally against. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose begin a Elvis Presley fan club. b: 19-Nov-88 pc: 082 w: Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan d: Terry Hughes.

"The President is coming! The President is coming!" (episode # 5.26) 4/28/1990 - (episode # 5.25) 4/21/1990

The President's Coming! The President's Coming! (Part 1) gs: Timothy Stack (Agent Bell) b: 05-May-90 pc: 127 w: Marc Sotkin & Gail Parent, Robert Bruce & Martin Weiss d: Lex Passaris

The President's Coming! The President's Coming! (Part 2) gs: Herb Edelman (Stanley Zbornak) Timothy Stack (Agent Bell) Harry Shearer (voice of George Bush) b: 05-May-90 pc: 128 w: Marc Cherry & Jamie Wooten, Philip Jason Lasker & Tom Whedon d: Lex Passaris

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