The Crazy 88

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The Crazy 88

The Crazy 88 are a yakuza gang which is led by Johnny Mo under the orders of Yakuza Queen O-Ren Ishii. They all wear black and white suits with black Kato masks. The gang controls Tokyo's underworld.


  • The Bride (dressed in Bruce Lee's yellow and black tracksuit which represented no affiliation to one martial arts fighting style) taking out The Crazy 88 (dressed in the black & white suits & Kato masks) is a metaphor for Tarantino moving on to different genres after his crime genre films. (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction). It also represents the true martial artist Bruce Lee was (the iconoclastic tracksuit opposed to a standard martial arts uniform) vs. the chopsocky kung fu character "Kato" he played on the TV show Green Hornet.
  • The name is based on Crazy 8's, the popular drinking game using playing cards.
  • There isn't actually 88 members of the gang.
  • It is believed Stephen Chow borrowed the look of the Crazy 88 for his "Axe Gang" in Kung-Fu aka Kung-Fu Hustle.

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