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====Cool Quotes====
====Cool Quotes====
*"What a picture" - Marvin Schwarz
*"What a picture" - Marvin Schwarzs


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  • Inspired by The Secret Invasion (1964, Dir: Roger Corman)
  • Footage from "Hell River" (1974) a WWII adventure film starring Rod Taylor is used as a clip from 14 Fists of McCluskey.
  • Title may be an homage to Burt Reynolds' character Gator McClusky in the films White Lightning & Gator, or to the pub Rock Hudson's character visits at the beginning of Ice Station Zebra.
  • Combaterre All'Inferno aka Combat In Hell Fan poster designed by Octavio Terol.

Cool Quotes

  • "What a picture" - Marvin Schwarzs


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