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  • In the historical town of Plymouth Massachusetts, a deranged killer dressed like a Pilgrim goes on a killing spree on Thanksgiving day. The turkey will not be the only thing getting stabbed!!


  • The design for the titles in Thanksgiving were based on a Mad magazine slasher parody entitled Arbor Day


Actor Role
Jeff Rendell The Pilgrim
Liliya Malkina The Grandmother
Kevin Wasner The Turkey Pilgrim
Mike McCarty The Rioter
Michael Biehn The Sheriff
Mark Bakunas The Deputy
The Klando Majorettes Screaming Girls
Vendula Kristek The Cheerleader
Petr Vancura The Boyfriend
Jordan Ladd Judy
Eli Roth Tucker
Jay Hernandez Bobby
Dan Frisch The Human Turkey
Chris Briggs The Vomiting Cousin
Karel Vanásek The Grandfather
Katherin-Ellen Zabehlicky The Granddaughter

Set Pictures

Thanksgiving Set01.jpg Thanksgiving Set02.jpg Thanksgiving Set03.jpg Thanksgiving Set04.jpg Thanksgiving Set05.jpg Thanksgiving Set06.jpg Thanksgiving Set07.jpg Thanksgiving Set10.jpg Thanksgiving Set11.jpg Thanksgiving Set12.jpg Thanksgiving Set13.jpg Thanksgiving Set15.jpg

Thanksgiving Set09.jpg Thanksgiving Set14.jpg

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