Tarantino timeline (by Scott Collura)

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  • MARCH 1963: Born in Knoxville, Tenn.
  • LATE 1963: Becomes self-aware; soon develops an insatiable appetite for movies.
  • NOVEMBER 1988: Appears on The Golden Girls as Elvis impersonator.
  • 1985 – 1989: Worked at the video store Video Archives in Southern California.
  • 1991: Rewrites Past Midnight but gets producer credit instead of writer one.
  • OCTOBER, 1992: Reservoir Dogs released. Tarantino becomes indie darling.
  • SEPTEMBER, 1993: True Romance, based on a Tarantino script is released.
  • AUGUST, 1994: Natural Born Killers is released, based on a Tarantino script (but heavily rewritten by Oliver Stone).
  • OCTOBER, 1994: Pulp Fiction is released. Tarantino rules pop culture.
  • MARCH, 1995: With Roger Avary, wins best original screenplay Oscar of Pulp Fiction. Hollywood loves Tarantino.
  • APRIL, 1995: Stars in Destiny Turns on the Radio. Proves to be a turn-off at box office.
  • MAY, 1995: Directs episode of ER, further securing hipness status.
  • MAY, 1995: Sub thriller Crimson Tide is released, of which Tarantino did uncredited rewrites (including a Captain Kirk speech).
  • AUGUST, 1995: Appears in Desperado and is promptly shot.
  • DECEMBER, 1995: Directs one segment for the anthology film Four Rooms.
  • EARLY 1996: Begins dating actress Mira Sorvino,
  • EARLY 1996: creates Rolling Thunder Pictures to release old exploitation classics.
  • JANUARY, 1996: Writes and co-stars in buddy Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn. Turns into a vampire, but is still a geek.
  • OCTOBER, 1997: Punches out Natural Born Killers producer Don Murphy in a post Hollywood restaurant.
  • DECEMBER, 1997: Jackie Brown released. And forgotten.
  • MARCH, 1998: Splits from Mira, “Amicably.”
  • MARCH, 1998: Stars in Broadway revival of Wait Until Dark.
  • JANUARY, 2002: Guest-stars as McKenas Cole in ABC’s hit show Alias.
  • AUGUST, 2002: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown are given special edition DVD releases.
  • OCTOBER, 2003: Kill Bill released. A new king of the world crowned.
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