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This is a collection of YouTube videos.

Tarantino Talks to Elvis Mitchell from TCM's Under the Influence (July 2008)

Tarantino Talks about Gangster Movies for AFI's TOP 10 (June 2008)

Tarantino on Tarantino Talks Umberto Lenzi and Composers (2008)

Tarantino Introducing the Spaghetti Western Retrospective of the Venice Film Fest (2007)

Tarantino Introducing Rio Bravo in Cannes (2007 Film Fest)

Tarantino on Blaxploitation, from Baad Asssss Cinema (2002)

Only parts 1-4-5

Tarantino On Chungking Express

Tarantino on Robert De Niro (1994)

In three parts

Tarantino XX BluRay
Bad Mother Fucker Pulp Fiction Wallet