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The Tarantino Archives Blog is our place for blogging stuff that comes to mind, things we want to point out or talk about and let you know. We're some gossip, curiosities and provide you with off the record commentary on goings on. Check it out regularly. We anticipate your feedback. I hope this blog finds its fans and I look forward to lots of comments, you can post those in the forum or in this page's discussion page. (Note: this is NOT Mr Tarantino's blog. We would let you know if he was blogging for us, trust me)


Maxim Presents: True Romance: 15 Years Later

  • Date: May 4, 2008

It's hard to believe its been 15 years since True Romance was released. I still remember seeing the commercials for it on TV and feeling that I just had to go see it. Before I knew QT wrote it, it was the amazing cast that initially got me interested. When I went to the theater to see the movie, I had what I like to call "The 5 Minute Sensation": I knew in the first 5 minutes that I was going to love the movie (usually a rare thing). It's been one of my favorites ever since and even though it was directed by Tony Scott, its still regarded as a QT movie by his fans. Thats because its overflowing with QT's trademark dialogue and personal ideas/opinions about film/pop culture which are strewn lovingly throughout the story. True Romance is essentially QT's fever dream of what it would be like if he was suddenly to become a fearless movie hero. Add to that a dash of Taxi Driver, Badlands and Play It Again Sam, but substitute Elvis for Humphrey Bogart and it will give you a basic idea of the film's content. If you haven't seen it yet, as a longtime QT fan I highly reccomend you watch it. You won't be dissapointed. - READ THE INTERVIEW. (Thanks to Crazy Kenneth for the link!) - PR

We are back

  • Date: May 1, 2008

So, where were we? Oh yeah, Q.T. is rumored to be working on adding some anime material back into Kill Bill for a long-awaited DVD release and possible theatrical re-release. In the meantime, I have been busy with The Spaghetti Western Database, and now, as you can see, I'm also done overhauling The Quentin Tarantino Archives. Do you like it? Please let me know! Post in the forums or shoot me an email. I will even reply to all serious mails I get. By the way, I hardly get email anyway, so here's a call out to all the readers of this blog: SEND ME AN EMAIL NOW. Tell me what you would like to read about in this blog, tell me what sections this website is missing and just let me know what's up! So much for now, I need to do lots of things on this website, to make sure it stays "fucking killer". Hasta luego.

Recent developments

  • Date: February 9, 2008

Currently, there is not all too much going on in our little universe. CPS, one of the core members of our fan community has returned to our message boards after a long hiatus, the entire community has been looking forward to welcome her back into the family. Personally, I am busy with college for the next few weeks and then I am off to the United States for a few weeks. But site-wise, aside from updates on Hell Ride and some other issues, I can not promise many changes, unless our new staff of editors decides to get to work. What's coming in the future? Big things once again. The Archives (wiki) here, while an improvement, is still very flawed, so you can expect something of a final overhaul later this year. Also, we are going to redo the Front Page from scratch, turning it into a small portal starting page with a blog functionality and shifting the focus even more to The Archives. More cooperation with The Deuce and The SWDB is also planned. So stay tuned, spread the word, and keep your fingers crossed to see some Tarantino goodness in theaters by 2009 perhaps.

Happy New Year

  • Date: January 2, 2008

Shit, is it 2008 yet. Wow, what a year 2007 was. Let me just mention a few of the fucking awesome things that made 2007 the best year for this website yet. Most importantly, the absolute showdown that happened in Hollywood this spring, when I finally met the man himself and got to interview him (read the interview here) as part of my live-from-hollywood Grindhouse coverage (all of which you can read here) and the interviews with cast and crew (here) that I conducted. Which reminds me that there's still some I have to transcribe, but that has to wait because I have zero time these days. There's also a number of reviews we can offer you, reviews of Grindhouse (here), of Death Proof (here), of Planet Terror (here), which came live from the premiere in Switzerland (here) where I attended the Film Festival of Locarno and met Robert Rodriguez again, and lately the DVD reviews (PT here, DP here) and there's more to come. The other major thing that happened, is the full transition to this wiki here, and work is still continuing to make this the centerpiece of the QTArchives, allowing unprecedented amounts of information and interlinking of information. The frontpage will stay, not only because it would be too much of a bitch to get rid of it, but also because it is just very well established, provides latest forum posts, a news ticker and banner space as well as newsletter signup facilities. It is also a backlog of past news, which we won't bother transferring. Basically, from now on, everything you'll see on the front page, will eventually link here. We also witnessed an unprecedented growth in our sister website, The Spaghetti Western Database, which Quentin Tarantino confessed that it is his favorite website aside from porn (click here to watch). And not only that, we also launched another website called The Deuce, which is a grindhouse/exploitation cinema database that also has a forum like ours, check it out. We are confident that 2008 will bring just as much success for the Deuce as 2007 brought for the SWDB, as we call it. The Quentin Tarantino Archives also witnessed lots of behind-the-scenes management on my part, reorganizing our communication system, and just these last days hiring an "official" editing staff similar to the staff at the SWDB to assist me with the website. Lots of cool shit that just makes this website better and better.

What awaits you for 2008? We honestly can't predict, and while I will be busy getting my academic and personal life into the right direction, there will be some things that you can look forward to: We will try to cover the production and release of Hell Ride, a Tarantino produced biker film by Larry Bishop. We will give The Deuce a visual overhaul about halfway into the year once it has established itself. We will bring smaller improvements to this wiki and make sure there's no content missing, that includes information on all Tarantino DVDs on this planet, a huge picture database, all kinds of interviews, reviews and links, trivia articles, movie references guides and trailers, soundtrack information and books. We will establish a 4th website that will be a financial and organizational roof for these 3 genre cinema websites, in charge with funding and promoting them (a vague idea which has yet to take shape). We will do our best fixing all technical problems you might've witnessed in the last couple of months, from error messages to website downtimes. We will bring you more DVD reviews, more movie reviews, more movie news, gossip and pictures, not only in the forum where you have to dig a little deeper if you're not one of the regular folk there.

So much from me, I am looking forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy this website and its sisters as much as I do. Thanks for your support and a happy new year!

We're back

  • Date: December 24, 2007

It's christmas here in Germany and since I worked so much on the wiki the other day I decided to give it a rest. It works a great deal better now, even looks better. There is still work ahead, but for now, I'm going back to content, and I will also use this space more, so check it out. Merry Christmas everyone!

QT Goes To The Phillipines

  • Date: August 12, 2007

QT recently attended the Cinemanila Film Festival in The Phillipines. While there he was interviewed about his films, his favorite films from The Phillipines and other cool stuff.

"ABS: Is this your first time here in the Philippines?

QT: Very first time, very first time. I've been wanting to come here since I was a kid. And now I'm finally here.

ABS: You get so many invites to so many film festivals around the world every year. Why did you choose this one?

QT: Oh, I've always wanted to go to the Philippines. And also I've become friendly with Cirio H. Santiago, and knowing that Eddie Romero was going to be here, and we're going to be talking about Philippine cinema, which I've been a big fan of, it's going to be great.

ABS: What Philippine films have you enjoyed?

QT: Oh, there's a lot of them I like. Cirio Santiago's The Muthers. I love Eddie Romero's war films, The Ravengers, Leyte Gulf, all right? Walls of Hell is terrific. I love the Blood Island movies with John Ashley. Bamboo Gods and Iron Men, that's a terrific movie.


-- Pete R.


  • Date: August 10, 2007

This website has a long and exciting history, with lots of problems, lots of high times, good times, bad times, lots of trouble, lots of joy. But most of all, it has been a success story. The website is growing ever faster, more people visit it, more people sign up, more content is being added, and more is done behind the scenes in the technical department. Our recent addition is our own YouTube channel (if you're signed up for our newsletter you already know) and this blog here. I just want to give those interested a few numbers to chew on: Visitors (not 'hits', there's a difference that is essential, namely hits being everything and visits being unique visits and not just anything technical that accesses the website) in the month of April: 126 thousand, in the month of May: 250 thousand, in the month of June: 455 thousand, in the month of July: 545 thousand visitors. August will surpass that in all likelyhood, and I hope we crack the million mark later this year. Help out by spreading the word, contributing to the website (especially the wiki, we need editors!!!) and using our Amazon links to provide us with the necessary cents to pay for the infrastructure. Thank you and see you in a few hours with our Grindhouse coverage from Switzerland.

DVDs, Celebrities and Excitement

  • Date: August 2, 2007

As you've probably read on our frontpage, we will report live from the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland this weekend, specifically for the premiere of Planet Terror. Our coverage will include pictures, a review of Planet Terror and some chit chat with Robert Rodriguez, who just presented the film in Spain this week, and Rose McGowan. There's a slight chance that I will also see Death Proof the day before, as I'm having my lovely cousin with me and we want to catch two sharks with one harpoon so to say. So stay tuned for that!


Also, the San Diego ComiCon is taking place these days, and that's where the most exciting DVD news is coming from, these days. As you've probably read on our frontpage, there will be special editions of both Death Proof and Planet Terror, as well as a long awaited monster edition of Kill Bill, namely The Whole Bloody Affair. This very wiki is of course already mostly updated with everything you need to know about those DVDs, from features to cover artwork and links. The ComiCon is a nice thing because it brings the industry and the fans together and is a perfect platform for companies to get the word out about cool products. There are always many panels, trailer premieres and showcases. The Weinstein Company and Genius Products (their DVD distribution arm) of course had a booth there, that's where most of the early pictures came from. Until next time, dear blog....

--Sebastian 01:19, 2 August 2007 (CEST)

QT To Host Spaghetti Western Retrospective at the Venice Film Festival

  • Date: July 26, 2007

"Hello everybody, this is Quentin Tarantino and I’m proud to represent this Retrospective of “Spaghetti western” at the Venice Film Festival. Spaghetti western is one of the greatest generes, as far as I know, in the history of the world cinema and definitely in the history of the Italian cinema. The fact is that they’ve (spaghetti western movies) never been truly appreciated.

This year at the Venice Film Festival I’m gonna be hosting a Retrospective of Italian western, one of my favourite generes, in the entire history of cinema and in particular of the Italian cinema. A lot of Directors has never got their proper do. In Italy they will get their proper do this september in Venice. I look to see you there."

Spaghetti Western - Secret History of Italian Cinema 4

The complete list of films shown can be seen over at our sister site The Spaghetti Western Database: www.spaghetti-western.net, officially QT's favorite website

-- Pete R.

Death Proof: Review

  • Date: July, 24 2007

Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof is an incredible work of pop/exploitation cinema. This is a film that cannot be placed in one specific category. Its a mix of slasher film (e.g. Friday The 13th), car chase film (e.g. Vanishing Point), girl gang film (e.g. Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!) and one of QTs most favorite subgenres: the hangout film (e.g. Dazed and Confused). Add to the mix some Southern seasoning, a shot of chartreuse and you will begin to get an idea of what Death Proof is like. Tarantino was initially inspired to make this film from watching his favorite 70s/80s Slasher Films but being a post modern filmmaker and genre re-inventor, he decided to go somewhere else entirely with the standard "hack em up in a row" storyline.

Tarantino also did with Kurt Russell in Death Proof what Sergio Leone did with Henry Fonda in Once Upon a Time in The West. He took someone that was known for being the blue eyed All American good guy in movies and turned him into a cold blooded psychopathic killer. The ambiguity of those kinds of characters is what makes them so interesting to me. As most of us know, real killers aren't deranged looking monsters wearing hockey masks, they're the (seemingly) normal guys that live next door.... Click here to continue reading the full-page review

QT in Berlin

  • Date: July 23rd, 2007

There we go. After yours truly scored magnificent coverage before the release of Grindhouse, we of course expected more to come, considering yours truly is back in his native homeland Germany. Death Proof (subtitled as 'Todsicher' here, which means roughly the same) just opened up in Germany, garnering about 1 million dollars at the box office with an approximate number of 400 theaters. Not exactly overwhelming, but considering Harry Potter's teenage wild bunch all over, it is acceptable. I suspect it will pick up this week and double that number by the end of next week at least. Turns out, to get back on topic, that although The Weinstein Company did not organize a premiere in Berlin, QT in fact decided to come there, but I got contacted too late to go to Berlin, so the 8pm screening today went down without me. Ah, what can you do, not too big of a deal.

I have to admit, that I have not yet seen Death Proof in its long version. There is also speculation about the German version being cut by almost 10 minutes, which as yet to be confirmed but would explain its domestic 16 rating. Some theaters put the German version at a running time of 113 minutes, while others who are screening it in its original English language version put it at 127. It remains to be seen whether Death Proof will be a success overall, I would say the earliest possible time to speculate about that will be in 2 weeks or so. But lets not forget that it still hasn't opened in such countries as Australia. Anyways, for those of you who were able to come to Berlin today, I hope you took some pictures, feel free to send them in. --Sebastian 00:09, 24 July 2007 (CEST)

Rosario is hot

  • Date: July 21st, 2007

Of course Rosario Dawson is hot, we always knew that. Not only that, she's also incredibly talented and a chatterbox (my interview right here). She works as an actress, movie producer and has a comic book series coming that might also find its way to the screen. And she's not some nerd (well she's the pretties geek known to Kevin Smith, but still) but she's a stunning hot woman. I just stumbled over this picture on Google (click to enlarge), where she's sticking her tongue out to Quentin. Just thought I'd share that with you. Fans in Europe can see her as Abernathy in Death Proof this weekend. Update: Seems like there are tons more of those pictures from a certain event, I encourage you to go check out the Tarantino Photo Ticker in our message boards, the best source for picture, including some of QT licking womens' feet or dancing drunk or kissing random women, yes, that's the forum topic where papparazzi reside! --Sebastian 18:04, 21 July 2007 (CEST)

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