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  • ...ride behind the wheel of a psycho serial killer’s roving, revving, racing death machine. [[Robert Rodriguez]]’s [[Planet Terror|PLANET TERROR]] is a hear ...]], who created the special effects makeup in both PLANET TERROR and DEATH PROOF, had distinct memories of visiting the projection booth of his local drive-
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  • * Zoë Bell, who plays the character Zoe in the segment "Death Proof", does all her own stunts (she was the stunt double for Uma Thurman in the * Chronologically, Death Proof (2007) takes place before "Planet Terror". Stuntman Mike is seen in the exa
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  • ...it in every movie he has directed. He also uses reverse trunk shots with characters being watched from outside the trunk''' * In [[Death Proof]] : Zoe and Kim looking under the hood of Jasper's 1970 Dodge Challenger.
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  • * Back to [[Death Proof]] == A review of Death Proof ==
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  • * Back to [[Death Proof]] ...udience manipulation, even his sour notes have meaning beneath them. Death Proof was certainly a departure for him. To the chagrin of certain fans he decide
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  • * Back to [[Death Proof]] * Stuntman Mike's two "death proof" cars are a 1970 Chevy Nova and a 1969 Dodge Charger.
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  • ...and lately the DVD reviews ([[Planet Terror DVD review|PT here]], [[Death Proof DVD review|DP here]]) and there's more to come. The other major thing that ...and [[Rose McGowan]]. There's a slight chance that I will also see [[Death Proof]] the day before, as I'm having my lovely cousin with me and we want to cat
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  • ...severed limbs, disgusting make-up effects, crazy action, horrible life-and-death situations and an escape to Mexico. '''Death Proof'''<br/>
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  • * Back to [[Death Proof]] ...ning, a shot of chartreuse and you will begin to get an idea of what Death Proof is like. Tarantino was initially inspired to make this film from watching h
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  • ...verse are: [[Reservoir Dogs]], [[True Romance]], [[Pulp Fiction]], [[Death Proof]], [[Inglourious Basterds]], [[Django Unchained]], [[The Hateful Eight]] an * Characters from The Realer Than Real World Universe cannot appear in the films of the
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  • ...tin Tarantino, comprised of their two movies [[Planet Terror]] and [[Death Proof]], along with a number of fake trailers and other visual additions that aim ...which were created to give an outrageous scope to the films storyline and characters. In regards to Grindhouse, Tarantino states: "We're going to make 2 sleazy
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  • Lead Character in [[Grind House]]'s '''[[Death Proof]]''', played by [[Kurt Russell]]. Little is known about Stuntman Mike, exce ...ung women instantly in different gory ways. Since his car is in fact Death Proof, Stuntman Mike survives with only minor injuries.
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  • ...d katana maker who has taken a blood oath to never create an instrument of death again. ...ill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003). He later got to make a Grindhouse film with Death Proof (2007).
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  • ...Bill]] and both segments of [[Grind House]], [[Planet Terror]] and [[Death Proof]]. Though this character originally met his fate due to the [[Gecko brother ...oatin on weed. Ol "[[Hooper]]" in there was clean as a whistle". - [[Death Proof]]
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  • ...spotlight, having kept a relatively low profile after the release of DEATH PROOF, announcing that he is done writing his newest project. He said he intended ...and of Brothers as a way to process all the material without having to cut characters or split the film in half as had happened with KILL BILL. There was specula
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  • ...[[Vanessa Ferlito]]. Also called "Butterfly". The character is a friend of characters [[Jungle Julia]], [[Marcy]] and [[Shanna]] visiting from New York. She is t *In Death Proof, her character reveals she's from New York which makes sense because Vaness
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  • ...feature, a throwback to drive-in exploitation cinema, consisted of [[Death Proof]], directed by Quentin, and [[Planet Terror]], directed by Robert. The movi ...gain one of the most impressive ensemble casts. It was overshadowed by the death of [[Burt Reynolds]], who was scheduled for a cameo in the film.
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  • ...and also sound effects accompanying the on-screen textual introduction of characters, IB is actually very different to Kill Bill. ...cript out with just one finger on his typewriter. The results are obvious, characters rarely go off on tangents, and everything is to-the-point. The dialogue is
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  • * Character played by Jonathan Loughran in [[Death Proof]]. Jasper is the guy in Tennesee who lets [[Zoe Bell]], [[Kim]] and [[Abern ...alluded that Jasper is actually the trucker in Kill Bill Vol. 1. In Death Proof we also see Jasper in a mechanic's uniform which would inform us that he is
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