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  • * Back to [[Kill Bill]] .../www.tarantino.info/wiki/index.php/Universes#THE_MOVIE_MOVIE_UNIVERSE Kill Bill is set in the The Movie Movie Universe].
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  • ...it in every movie he has directed. He also uses reverse trunk shots with characters being watched from outside the trunk''' * In [[Kill Bill: Volume 1]] : The Bride looking at Sofie Fatale in the car
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  • ...shockingly bold features are presented together on a drive-in style double bill, replete with fake trailers, missing reels and plenty of exploitative mayhe ...idea for this project began simply enough, when Rodriguez spotted a double bill poster at Tarantino’s house and commented that he had the same poster at
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  • ...s all her own stunts (she was the stunt double for Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill series). ...) and Death Proof (2007), has also played the exact same character in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) and From Dusk Till Dawn (1996).
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  • Character in ''[[:Category:Kill Bill|Kill Bill]]'', played by [[Uma Thurman]]. She was a member of the [[Deadly Viper Assa ...her hand in marriage. That was the plan, until her scorned lover and boss Bill reappeared and with the assistance of the DiVAS, killed her entire wedding
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  • '''''Kill Bill''''' is the 4th film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. It was rele ...slows the breakneck speed down to give viewers a more in depth look at the characters Tarantino created. On another level, Volume 1 has a more Asian Kung Fu-Samu
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  • ...all her own stunts (she was the stunt double for Uma Thurman in the "Kill Bill" series, which was also directed by Quentin Tarantino). ...cian named Bruce who looks like "The Rock". In the closing credits of Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004), in the grips section, one of the names of the grips is Bruc
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  • * Back to [[Kill Bill]] ====Kill Bill: The Tarantino Archives Ultimate Reference Guide====
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  • ..., although it is a more heightened movie version where fictional Tarantino characters can mingle with real people ([[Lt. Aldo Raine]] can meet Hitler, [[Cliff Bo ...mple, [[Butch Coolidge]] from [[Pulp Fiction]] could not show up in [[Kill Bill]].
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  • ===Quentin Tarantino is back with "KILL BILL VOLUME 1"=== ...ybody else saw it, I finally made it. I took my car to Munich and saw Kill Bill Volume 1. For once, Munich sucks. I mean, they probably have the best movie
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  • ...s references to American and Euro Exploitation & Mainstream Cinema in Kill Bill. It also lists actors who inspired parts of the film. ...dex.php/TNT_Jackson TNT Jackson]'''). [[Vernita Green]]'s new name in Kill Bill is Jeannie Bell.
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  • ...rences to American/Euro & General Exploitation Cinema that influenced Kill Bill. It also lists actors who inspired parts of the film. ...dex.php/TNT_Jackson TNT Jackson]'''). [[Vernita Green]]'s new name in Kill Bill is Jeannie Bell.
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  • ...ilm role. The only reason he agreed to for this film was because he got to kill Nazis. ...uentin Tarantino's previous movies (such as Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004), Death Proof (2007)). Inglourious Basterds was the last film
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  • [[Image:Bill5.jpg|right| Bill]] ...f the [[Deadly Viper Assassination Squad]], his codename is Snake Charmer. Bill is a master assassin and a former student of [[Hattori Hanzo]] and [[Pai Me
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  • ...textual introduction of characters, IB is actually very different to Kill Bill. ...cript out with just one finger on his typewriter. The results are obvious, characters rarely go off on tangents, and everything is to-the-point. The dialogue is
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  • ...trace it back to the early [[Pulp Fiction|PULP FICTION]] days. After Kill Bill Tarantino had in fact started mentioning his “men on a mission” WW2 fil ...ving to cut characters or split the film in half as had happened with KILL BILL. There was speculation about Sylvester Stallone starring in the film, that
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  • To write the script for [[Kill Bill]], Tarantino went on a quest to recover the original Smith Corona typewrite ...and''': Well, I wasn't thinking of any of the parts. I was thinking of the characters, but I wasn't doing a casting thing in my head. So I thought he was pretty
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  • ...Bill|Kill Bill]]'' saga. They are a gang of assassins under the lead of [[Bill]]. Their codenames are the names of snakes. * [[Bill]] (codename: Snake Charmer) played by [[David Carradine]].
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  • ...nd of the film Jules says he wants to retire and become a drifter. In Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004), Samuel L. Jackson turns up as Rufus, a piano playing drifte ...'s keys there is a "Z" on the key chain. Put it all together and you have "KILL ZED".
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  • ...ar in Okinawa. When The Bride arrives at Hattori's establishment and drops Bill's name, Hattori breaks his oath to never create another sword and makes his * [[Sonny Chiba]] also played the ancient relative of his character in Kill Bill on the television series: ''Hattori Hanzô: Kage no Gundan'' [http://www.im
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  • ...tin Tarantino: Pulp Fiction (1994), [[Kill Bill]]: Vol. 1 (2003), and Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004). ...DiCaprio was courted for several months to take on one of the two primary characters in the film. The role was revealed to be the character of Rick Dalton, a wa
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  • ...an actor [[Michael Parks]], who appears in [[From Dusk Till Dawn]], [[Kill Bill]] and both segments of [[Grind House]], [[Planet Terror]] and [[Death Proof ...cGraw: "Son Number One, this tall drink of cocksucker ain't dead" - [[Kill Bill]]
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  • Tommy Plympton is a character played by [[Chris Nelson]] in [[Kill Bill: Volume 2]]. Tommy is Arlene/[[The Bride]]/Beatrix's fiancee and is killed * Bill: "Isnt it supposed to be bad luck for the Groom to see the Bride in her wed
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  • ...hiatus, he returned to the big screen in 2001 with his magnum opus [[Kill Bill]], which turned out to be enough material for two movies, so it got split i ...unsuccessful. Nevertheless, it gained a cult following and just like Kill Bill, it led to re-releases of old exploitation films. The Grindhouse style has
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  • Character in Tarantino's film ''[[Kill Bill: Volume 2]]'', played by [[Bo Svenson]] ...the Chapel is stormed by the [[Deadly Viper Assassination Squad]] led by [[Bill]].
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  • Character played by Ambrosia Kelley in [[Kill Bill: Volume 1]]. Nikki Bell is the daughter of Jeannie Bell aka [[Vernita Green ...r in a possible sequel to Kill Bill, where she would avenge her mother and kill The Bride.
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  • ...aney-Jardine]] in [[Kill Bill]]. BB is the daughter of [[The Bride]] and [[Bill]]. * Bill: "Whats better than beautiful?"
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  • ...]] how to use the [[Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique]] and how to kill a person from a 10 centimeter distance. Pai Mei was murdered by [[Elle Driv [[Category:Kill Bill]] [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]]
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  • Character in ''[[:Category:Kill Bill|Kill Bill]]'', played by [[Michael Madsen]]. He is a member of the [[Deadly Viper Ass [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category: Kill Bill characters]]
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  • * Character in ''[[:Category:Kill Bill|Kill Bill]]'', played by [[Vivica A. Fox]]. She is a member of the [[Deadly Viper Ass [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]]
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  • ...'': Mia's line about powdering her nose references a line from 'Dressed to Kill'. *'''Wild at Heart (1990)''': Lookalikes of main characters Sailor & Lulu can be seen sitting in a Cadillac during the dance sequence.
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  • ...shback sequence fight between Da Moe and [[David Carradine]]'s character [[Bill]]. [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]]
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  • * Back to [[Kill Bill]] ...st characters appear in both, and the movie was at least shot as one film. Characters that only appear in one volume are marked as such.
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  • ...ofie is [[O-Ren Ishii]]'s best friend and translator. She is also one of [[Bill]]'s most trusted confidants. [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category: Kill Bill characters]]
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  • ...runs the Acuna Boys gang in Acuna, Mexico. Esteban is the man who raised [[Bill]]. [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category: Kill Bill characters]]
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  • ...a church organ player and a musician. He is one of the people killed by [[Bill]] and The [[DiVAS]] at the Two Pines wedding chapel. [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category: Kill Bill characters]]
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  • Character in ''[[Kill Bill]]'', played by [[Daryl Hannah]]. She is a member of the [[Deadly Viper Assa * Elle (to The Bride): "Thats right, I killed your master, and now I'm gonna kill you too, with your own sword no less."
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  • ...: This sexual connection to automobile accidents is a trait he shares with characters from J.G. Ballard's novel [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZBJGdWrsoI Crash ...4) The slasher-killer is often a non-sexual male and/or someone who doesnt kill for sexual thrills. 4) The lone female survivor commonly referred to as [ht
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  • Jay is a character in [[Kill Bill: Volume 2]] played by '''[http://www.grindhousedatabase.com/index.php/Sid_H [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]]
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  • Character in [[Kill Bill]] played by [[Helen Kim]] [[Category:Characters]]
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  • Character in [[Kill Bill]] played by [[Caitlin Keats]]. Her friend is [[Erica]] (in the picture on t [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]]
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  • Character in [[Kill Bill]] played by [[Shana Stein]]. Her friend is [[Janeen]] (in the picture on th [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]][[Category: Kill Bill]]
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  • Character in ''[[Kill Bill: Volume 1]]'', played by [[Chiaki Kuriyama]]. Go Go is [[O-Ren Ishii]]'s pe [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]]
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  • * Character played by [[Jeannie Epper]] in [[Kill Bill: Volume 2]]. Mrs Harmony is the wife of [[Reverend Harmony]]. [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category: Kill Bill characters]]
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  • Character in Tarantino's film ''[[Kill Bill: Volume 1]]'', played by [[Michael Bowen]]. Buck is an orderly in an El Pas [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category: Kill Bill characters]]
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  • * Character in [[Kill Bill]]. A waiter at [[The House of Blue Leaves]] who is given the nickname "Char [[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]]
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  • Character in ''[[Kill Bill]]'', played by [[Lucy Liu]]. She is a Yakuza crime boss and a member of the [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]]
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  • Ernie is a character played by [[Clark Middleton]] in [[Kill Bill: Volume 2]]. Ernie is [[Budd]]'s friend and helps him bury [[The Bride]] in [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category: Kill Bill characters]]
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  • A character in ''[[Kill Bill: Volume 1]]'' played by veteran kung-fu star [[Gordon Liu]]. Johnny Mo is t [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category: Kill Bill characters]]
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  • Cameo character in [[Kill Bill: Volume 2]], played by [[Victoria Lucai]]. Her character is one of the stri [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]]
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  • Character played by [[Larry Bishop]] in [[Kill Bill: Volume 2]]. Larry Gomez is the owner of the [[The My Oh My Strip Club]]. H [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category: Kill Bill characters]]
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  • '''Rocket''' is a character in [[Kill Bill: Volume 2]] played by [[Laura Cayouette]]. The character works in [[The My [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]]
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  • ...be really good. It took me a year to write one big fight scene in “[[Kill Bill]]”. '''PB''': What ground are you breaking with “Kill Bill”?
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  • ...he island. I kind of based a little bit of their relationship on those two characters from Santiago's film. ABS: We like that you create strong women characters (say in Kill Bill, or Jackie Brown). But how does that fit into your male testosterone world?
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  • ...rette: a unique perspective into the criminal minds of the film's colorful characters; Tipping guide - proper tipping etiquette Reservoir Dogs style; Deleted sce ...ogs]], [[Pulp Fiction]], [[Jackie Brown]], [[Kill Bill]]: Volume 1, [[Kill Bill]]: Volume 2
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  • ...ing of people's heads (or pinkies) as proof/trophy as well as scenes where characters are tied to chairs, injured and then burned with gasoline. ...tte]], [[Michael Madsen]] and [[Larry Bishop]] himself had roles in [[Kill Bill]]; [[Dennis Hopper]] was in [[True Romance]].
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  • ...T. is rumored to be working on adding some anime material back into [[Kill Bill]] for a long-awaited DVD release and possible theatrical re-release. In the ...and [[Planet Terror]], as well as a long awaited monster edition of [[Kill Bill]], namely [[The Whole Bloody Affair]]. This very wiki is of course already
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  • ...eople's heads. How long have we waited for this, I think to myself. [[Kill Bill]] was a monumental epic, [[Quentin Tarantino]] at the peak of his filmmakin ...tension. The audience will know exactly what's on people's minds, and the characters will know, too, but this is a poker game with a fatal ending, and everyone
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  • ...nard]] in [[Pulp Fiction]], [[Sheriff Earl McGraw]] and [[Budd]] in [[Kill Bill]] and [[Stuntman Mike]] in [[Death Proof]] (who moves to Tennesee). * Casting director Johanna Ray who worked on Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds was married to Aldo Ray from 1960-67.
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  • * [[Sin City cast & characters|Cast & Characters]] ...urn favor to [[Robert Rodriguez]], who did some original music on ''[[Kill Bill: Volume 2]]''.
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  • ...e film (e.g. Vanishing Point), girl gang film (e.g. Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!) and one of QTs most favorite subgenres: the hangout film (e.g. Dazed and ...(or Final Girls in this case) rise up, becoming even tougher than the male characters and take out the invincible killer who has been preying on the unsuspecting
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  • ...se. Like [[Inglourious Basterds]], it features a mix of real and fictional characters. To get a sense of the cinematic era of the time, also '''check out the Fur ...rn hangs on Rick’s wall. A clip was previously seen in a scene from [[Kill Bill]].
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  • ...Kill Bill" - the latter of course a reference to Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films. ...mal suburbia and battles the Undead. In my film, Planet Terror (2007), the characters are taken out of suburbia and now battle the undead in a more barren landsc
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  • ...olume 1]]. People have alluded that Jasper is actually the trucker in Kill Bill Vol. 1. In Death Proof we also see Jasper in a mechanic's uniform which wou [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Death Proof characters]][[Category:Death Proof]]
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  • ...] and [[The Bride]]'s yellow and black "Game of Death" tracksuit in [[Kill Bill: Volume 1]]. ...k which is a refrerence to [[Buck]]'s truck which The Bride steals in Kill Bill.
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  • [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Kill Bill]][[Category:Kill Bill characters]]
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  • * Cliff lives in a trailer next to the [[Van Nuys Drive-In]]. QT characters Cliff Worley and [[Budd]] also lived in trailers. ...the model Quentin's stepdad drove. Also driven by [[The Bride]] in [[Kill Bill]].
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  • ...aught in various predicaments. [[Jackie Brown]] dealt with ex-cons. [[Kill Bill]] was set in a world of lethal international assassins. [[Inglourious Baste ...as revealed. “I thought, ‘What if I did a movie starring nothing but those characters? No heroes, no Michael Landons. Just a bunch of nefarious guys in a room, a
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  • * [[Kill Bill References Guide|Kill Bill]] ...marks]]''': Style, techniques, camera angle and shots, props, fake brands, characters, casting... Read more. '''NEW !'''
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  • ...hospital, you can find that on her to-do list, it includes that she [[Kill Bill]]. Not only does it refer to Quentin Tarantino's movie, but it foreshadows [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Death Proof]][[Category:Death Proof characters]]
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  • ...[[Vanessa Ferlito]]. Also called "Butterfly". The character is a friend of characters [[Jungle Julia]], [[Marcy]] and [[Shanna]] visiting from New York. She is t * Character shares the first name of The Bride's alias from [[Kill Bill]]; Arlene Machiavelli.
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  • * Character in [[Kill Bill]], the [[Death Proof]] segment of [[Grind House]] and [[From Dusk Till Dawn * Edgar is one of the select characters who can transcend QT's [[Universes]] (the Movie Movie Universe & the Realer
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  • ...but the different languages are so much a part of the story, the plot, the characters and the functioning of the movie. Reading subtitles might irk some, but Tar ...as in awe watching this movie. I wasn't blown away (as I was watching Kill Bill), I wouldn't say you could watch it every day (like Pulp Fiction), I do thi
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  • ...as revealed. “I thought, ‘What if I did a movie starring nothing but those characters? No heroes, no Michael Landons. Just a bunch of nefarious guys in a room, a ...rantino's movies (Pulp Fiction, [[True Romance]], [[Jackie Brown]], [[Kill Bill]], in [[Inglourious Basterds]] as voice, [[Django Unchained]] and [[The Hat
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  • ...ce to the nickname of the [[Deadly Viper Assassination Squad]] from [[Kill Bill]]. [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Death Proof characters]][[Category:Death Proof]]
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  • ...professional stunt woman and was [[Daryl Hannah]]'s stunt double in [[Kill Bill]]. [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Death Proof characters]][[Category:Death Proof]]
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  • ...ained]], [[Inglourious Basterds]], [[Grindhouse]], [[Death Proof]], [[Kill Bill]], [[Jackie Brown]], [[Pulp Fiction]], [[From Dusk Till Dawn]], [[Four Room ...Actors|Actors]], [[:Category:Actresses|Actresses]], [[:Category:Characters|Characters]], [[:Category:Composers|Composers]], [[:Category:Directors|Directors]], [[
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  • ...e seen in more of [[Quentin Tarantino]]'s movies ([[Jackie Brown]], [[Kill Bill: Volume 2]]) [[Category:Characters]][[Category:Pulp Fiction]][[Category: Pulp Fiction characters]]
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  • ...k that's always, to have so many great strong female characters in [[Kill Bill]] and have all of them be so resoundedly different, that was their contribu
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  • ...another character from QT's films: [[The Bride]]. Like The Bride in [[Kill Bill]], Shosanna is blonde, smart, strong and is out for revenge. ...aracters]][[Category:Inglourious Basterds]][[Category:Inglourious Basterds Characters]]
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  • .... Jackson had previous roles in [[Pulp Fiction]], [[Jackie Brown]], [[Kill Bill]] and [[Inglourious Basterds]], all written and directed by Tarantino. ...tin Tarantino revealed at Comic-Con that Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington's Characters are meant to be the great great great grandparents of the character John Sh
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  • ...uentin Tarantino]] in the first installment of his Grindhouse epic: [[Kill Bill]] (2003). Tarantino chose to use the theme as a little tribute to the film ...ed this film, as sick as it is, but hey, I'm a cult film geek. I found the characters to be interesting, well acted and the movie moves at a good pace. As much a
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  • ...W this Swedish revenge flick provided the primary inspiration for his Kill Bill, and was directly referenced in Daryl Hannah's one-eyed assassin. ''They ac ...'a classic,'' Tarantino says of Jack Davis' poster, which features all the characters from the madcap ensemble comedy.
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  • ...a director. His fellow actors often appear in multiple films with him, and characters will float from film to film as well. It's more than possible that Tarantin ...Lashes Less One'''. But Tarantino ultimately ended up directing '''[[Kill Bill]]''' with [[Uma Thurman]] and Sandler had the chance to work with Paul Thom
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  • ...tian:''' I've heard somebody kept [[Uma Thurman]]'s track suit from [[Kill Bill]] and sold it on ebay... isn't that cruel? ...ur dynamics between each other were so similar off-set as they were as the characters, it was kind of eerie sometimes.
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  • * '''Kurt''' (chuckles): Yeah, different characters, different results, different, uhm, endings. I really do welcome all these ...': At some point you even feel like “oh this poor guy, the girls are gonna kill him” you feel sympathy.
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