Sheriff Earl McGraw

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Sheriff Earl McGraw

Character played by veteran actor Michael Parks, who appears in From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill and both segments of Grind House, Planet Terror and Death Proof. Though this character originally met his fate due to the Gecko brothers, he seemingly survived appearing in two more films. The character's son is Edgar McGraw, also Sheriff, and his daughter is Dakota, an anaesthesiologist.

Fun Quotes

  • Sheriff Earl McGraw: "Son Number One, this tall drink of cocksucker ain't dead" - Kill Bill
  • Sheriff Earl McGraw: "Every damn one of them gals was swimmin' in alcohol and floatin on weed. Ol "Hooper" in there was clean as a whistle". - Death Proof


  • The character's son, Edgar McGraw is portrayed by Park's real life son James Parks.
  • The character may be a reference to the 60's Hanna Barbera cartoon character Quick Draw McGraw who was a walking talking horse/sheriff in the Old West.

  • The framed picture in the above screencap is a still photo taken from a TV show Michael Parks starred in called "Then Came Bronson", about a motorcycle riding drifter.
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