Roger Avary

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Roger Avary

Roger Roberts Avary. (Born 23 August 1965 Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada).

  • Met Tarantino back in 1987 while working at the Manhattan Beach Video Archives and quickly became writing partners scripting Open Road. Later on Avary was hired by director Tony Scott to doctor Tarantino's original True Romance script, re-writing the ending. He also supplied the background radio dialogue for The Super Sounds Of The 70's weekend in Reservoir Dogs.
  • Avary is credited for stories in Pulp Fiction. He and Tarantino shared the Academy Award for Best Screenplay. It was after Tarantino produced Killing Zoe, Avary's directorial debut in 1994 that Tarantino and Avary decided to go their separate ways.
  • Avary's own films include Killing Zoe and The Rules of Attraction.
  • Roger co-wrote the screenplay for the Robert Zemeckis adventure film Beowulf (2007).
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