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Character in Desperado played by Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino appeared in this role as a favour to his friend, director Robert Rodriguez. His character, the Pick-up guy, enters a Mexican bar, proceeds to tell a joke and then is taken to a back secret room through an out-of-order toilet stall. He is killed when he is mistaken for a traitor after El Mariachi storms the bar, guns blazing.


Fun Quotes

  • Pick Up Guy: This beer reminds me of a joke. A guy walks up and takes a seat at the bar and says to the bar tender I got a bet for you. You see that glass way over there? The guy ya know, points all the way to the other end of the bar. Well i bet you i can piss from here all the way over there into that glass without spilling a single drop. Bartender just says that's bullshit!! Guy goes on sayin I guarentee, in fact i bet you $300 that i can do it! Bartender is just like all right, go and try it! So the guy pulls out his dick and is lookin at the glass lookin at his dick. Thinks on his dick, thinks on the glass, and then he fukin lets it rip! He's pissin on the bar, on the phone, the stool, fuckin everywhere, EXCEPT in the fuckin glass. I mean like everywhere, all over the floor even on the bartender himself. the bartender is just standing there lauhing his ass off, piss all dropping off his face. Then when he finishes, the bartender says, all right loser, pay up! The guy says excuse me for a minute. So he walks over to the pool tables and talks to two guys and comes back. He slaps 300 bucks on the table and says thank you sir as cheery as he can be. So the bartender just looks at him funny and says what are you so happy for? You just lost $300! Well you see those two guys over there? Well I just bet them $500 EACH that i can piss on your bar, piss on your phone, and even piss on you. And not only could I do this, but you'd be happy!
  • About the joke, Rodriguez has said: "Quentin's joke is a combination of a few old jokes I've heard about bars...and Quentin added his own ad libs to it." [1]
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