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  • Set in The Realer Than Real World
  • Like Inglourious Basterds, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood blends fictional and real characters as well as possible true events that are altered. This becomes especially intriguing with more than one instance of a film or series within the film. Bounty Law is a fictional western TV series that is featured in the film, whereas Lancer (Update: January 14, unconfirmed) is an existing TV series that is also potentially featured in the movie, but QT bought the rights to it and there are rumors that the film is a possible starting point for something that could almost be like a reboot. There is a character in the film named Scott Lancer, so the assumption is that this TV series also features heavily in the film, which aired long after Bounty Law's supposed run.
  • A new Tarantino Universe brand "Hot Waxx" Record Shop appears.
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