Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Pictures

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Pictures from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Official stills

Official still photographs (photographer: by Andy Cooper). Click to enlarge:

  • 1): Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth and Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton; 2): Cliff Booth; 3): Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate on the set (behind the scenes); 4): Rick Dalton introducing Cliff Booth to Marvin Schwarzs; 5): Leonardo di Caprio and Tarantino on the set of Lancer (behind the scenes); 6): Leo di Caprio as Rick Dalton in a shot from TV show "The FBI" within the movie; 7): Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate; 8): Leo di Caprio as Rick Dalton guest starring on pop music TV show "Hullaballoo" within the movie; 9): Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth. 10-12): Rick & Cliff. 13/14): Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate.
  • Sources: Vanity Fair exclusive / Leonardo di Caprio official Instagram / IGN / Brad Pitt Instagram / People Magazine / Empire.


Screenshots from the teaser trailer

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Cinerama Dome: Los Angeles

  • A re-creation of the release of KRAKATOA: EAST OF JAVA: Summer 1969 (click to enlarge)

Other picture sources

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