Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Extended Version

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An extended cut of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was released in theaters in the USA on October 25, 2019 (approx 1000 theaters only).

News about the extended theatrical release:

For the home video releases, the following deleted scenes are rumored to be included, either reintegrated into the film or as add ons (to be confirmed):

  • Deleted Scene - Old Chattanooga Beer Commercial 49sec
  • Red Apple Commercial 1969 1:09
  • Full length Dalton singing Green Door at Hullaballoo 2:55
  • Scene from Bounty Law 3:50
  • Deleted Scene Charlie talks to Paul Barabuta and waves to cliff 4:57
  • Dalton and Wanamaker talk on set 6:53

The following new scenes were included in a New Beverly screening:

  • 2nd performance by Rick Dalton on Hullabaloo singing another song in Bounty Law cowboy outfit
  • Sharon Tate dancing to the song Absolutely Right by Five Man Electrical Band in front of psychedelic background (seen in trailers).
  • Cliff sitting on top of his trailer home drinking beer/watching the drive-in film nearby. Scene cuts to Sharon, Jay Sebring and a few friends at the Original Tommy's Burgers. The camera moves to the parking lot where we see Mexican low riders, locals smoking weed etc.

There was also some talk about the movie receiving a modified treatment on Netflix (similar to The Hateful Eight).

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