Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Extended Version

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An extended cut of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was released in theaters in the USA on October 25, 2019 (approx 1000 theaters only).

News about the extended theatrical release:

For the home video releases, the following deleted scenes are rumored to be included, either reintegrated into the film or as add ons (to be confirmed):

  • Deleted Scene - Old Chattanooga Beer Commercial 49sec
  • Red Apple Commercial 1969 1:09
  • Full length Dalton singing Green Door at Hullaballoo 2:55
  • Scene from Bounty Law 3:50
  • Deleted Scene Charlie talks to Paul Barabuta and waves to cliff 4:57
  • Dalton and Wanamaker talk on set 6:53

There was also some talk about the movie receiving a modified treatment on Netflix (similar to The Hateful Eight).

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