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Confirmed cast and production credits for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood



Josephine Valentina Clark as Manson Family member, Catherine Gillies

  • James Marsden: Burt Reynolds (Not featured in film)
  • Tim Roth: Jay Sebring's butler (Not featured in film)
  • Michael Madsen: Sheriff Hackett on Bounty Law
  • Craig Stark: Land Pirate
  • James Remar: Ugly Owl Hoot, a villain on Bounty Law
  • Nichole Galicia: tba
  • Danny Strong: Dean Martin (Not featured in film)
  • Clu Gulager: Book store owner
  • James Landry Hébert: Steve "Clem" Grogan
  • Martin Kove: Sheriff on Bounty Law
  • Brenda Vaccaro: Mary Alice Schwarz, Marvin's wife
  • Marco Rodriguez: Bartender on Lancer
  • Ramon Franco: Ruben the movie theater manager
  • Aundrea Smith
  • Rebecca Rittenhouse: Michelle Phillips
  • Leslie Bega
  • Inbal Amirav
  • Natalie Cohen: Playboy Bunny
  • Kansas Bowling: Sandra Good
  • Lucia Oskerova: Jay Sebring's date
  • Brianna Joy Chomer: Starlet
  • Kate Berlant: movie theater ticket booth attendant
  • Omar Doom: Donnie
  • Rachel Redleaf: Mama Cass Elliot
  • Jennifer Churchich: Gold Digger
  • C. Ronald McPherson: Stage Coach Man
  • Breanna Wing: Cheyenne the Hippy Hitchhiker
  • Edward Headington: Lancer Borracho
  • Tom Hartig: Sweet William
  • Sayuri: Brandy
  • David Steen: Straight Satan MC member living on Spahn Ranch
  • Perla Haney-Jardine: Hippie drug dealer
  • Josephine Valentina Clark: Manson Family member, Catherine Gillies
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