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[[File:Tarantinoxxbluray.jpg|250px|left|link=Tarantino XX|border]]
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<span style="font-size:135%;">[[The Hateful Eight]]</span> [[Reservoir Dogs]] [[Pulp Fiction]] [[Jackie Brown]] <span style="font-size:135%;">[[Kill Bill]]</span> [[Death Proof]] <span style="font-size:120%;">[[Grindhouse]]</span> <span style="font-size:160%;">[[Inglourious Basterds]]</span> [[True Romance]] [[Natural Born Killers]] <span style="font-size:158%;">[[Django Unchained]]</span> [[CSI]] [[The Golden Girls|Golden Girls]] [[From Dusk Till Dawn]] [[Robert Rodriguez]] <span style="font-size:144%;">[[BluRay]]</span> [[Four Rooms]] [[Sin City]] [[Planet Terror]] [[TV|Television]] <span style="font-size:140%;">[[DVD]]</span> [[Interviews]] [[Soundtracks]] <span style="font-size:140%;">[[Hell Ride]]</span> [[The QT Film Fest]] <span style="font-size:140%;">[[Movie References]]</span>
[[File:Reservoirdogsposter8.jpg|90x80px|link=Reservoir Dogs]][[File:Pfposter1.jpg|90x80px|link=Pulp Fiction]][[File:Jackie brown.jpg|90x80px|link=Jackie Brown]][[File:Kbposter.jpg|90x80px|link=Kill Bill]][[File:Deathproof.jpg|90x80px|link=Death Proof]][[File:Basterdspost1.jpg|90x80px|link=Inglourious Basterds]][[File:Djangounchainedposter3.jpg|90x80px|link=Django Unchained]][[File:Hatefuleightposter2.jpg|90x80px|link=The Hateful Eight]]
* Forgotten gems: [[BBC Omnibus Quentin Tarantino Hollywood's Boy Wonder]]
* '''My Best Friend's Birthday''' - [[My Best Friend's Birthday Transcript|full transcript]] of Tarantino's early unfinished work
* '''Complete Soundtrack listings''' - extended and chronological lists of [[Kill Bill Extended Soundtrack|Kill Bill]], [[Jackie Brown Extended Soundtrack|Jackie Brown]], [[Pulp_Fiction/Extended_Soundtrack|Pulp Fiction]], [[Reservoir Dogs Extended Soundtrack|Reservoir Dogs]] and [[Death Proof soundtrack|Death Proof]]
* [[Tarantino Books]] - all the books worth your money, and the other ones too
* [[Kill Bill References Guide|The Kill Bill movie references guide]] - famous all over the internet, the most complete guide to the references.
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<span style="margin-left:20px;">'''Selected Updates:'''</span>
[[File:Onceuponpost1.jpg|right|150px|link=Once Upon a Time in Hollywood]]
* March 18-20: '''[[Once Upon a Time in Hollywood]]''' adds posters, teaser trailer, official website, and more!
* [[Quentin Tarantino]] gets married on Nov 28, 2018
* Shooting for OUATIH wraps on Nov 26, 2018
* The title of Tarantino's 9th film is [[Once Upon a Time in Hollywood]]
* [[Four Rooms BluRay]] overview updated
* [[9|All we know about #9, Tarantinos new film]]
* DVD and BluRay release info added for [[The Hateful Eight]]
* [[The Hateful Eight Soundtrack|Soundtrack release: The Hateful Eight]]
* [[The Hateful Eight 70mm screenings list|70mm screenings list for The Hateful Eight]]
* [http://www.swdb.info/index.php/Ennio_Morricone Ennio Morricone] to score [[The Hateful Eight]]
* The next film is '''[[The Hateful Eight]]'''
* [[Django Unchained]] '''out on [[Django Unchained BluRay|BLURAY]] and [[Django Unchained DVD|DVD]]'''
* [[Django Unchained]] [http://www.tarantino.info/2012/12/20/django-unchained-movie-review/ review is here]
* Check out [[Tarantino XX]]
* International teaser posters, plot descriptions, alternate titles and official websites added for [[Django Unchained]]
* '''[[Django Unchained]]''' is Quentin Tarantino's latest script and new movie! More information coming as we get it, check out the pages.
* Read our latest analysis: [[Death Proof: Deconstructing The Slasher Film]], a theoretical commentary.
* Make sure to pick up the Tarantino scripted crime classic [[BluRay#True_Romance_.28USA.29|True Romance on Blu Ray!]]
* [[Pop culture meets history - The story behind Tarantino's upcoming Inglourious Basterds|Pop culture meets history]] : Article on [[Inglourious Basterds]]
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