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Lancer is a TV series (IMDb) featured in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. The character of Scott Lancer (Wayne Maunder) is played by Luke Perry in the film. His half brother Johnny Madrid is played by Timothy Olyphant.

Episode 1 "The High Riders": Faced with continual raids by the Pardee gang, California rancher Murdoch Lancer seeks the help of his estranged sons: dapper Bostonian Scott Lancer and border-town gunslinger Johnny Madrid (IMDb).

To Be confirmed: In the Tarantino Universe, it's possible that Rick Dalton won the part of Day Pardee over Joe Don Baker for the pilot episode of Lancer.

Joe Don Baker as Day Pardee on Lancer
Leo as Rick Dalton on Lancer
Tarantino XX BluRay
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