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Lancer was a real TV series (IMDb) that is featured in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. The character of Scott Lancer (Wayne Maunder) is played by Luke Perry in the film. His half brother Johnny Madrid (James Stacey) is played by Timothy Olyphant.

Bruce Dern who plays George Spahn appeared in two episodes of the original Lancer. Other actors who appeared in the original Lancer are Bo Svenson, who appeared in Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds, LQ Jones, Tom Selleck, Tom Skerritt and Joe Don Baker.

Episode 1 "The High Riders": Faced with continual raids by the Pardee gang, California rancher Murdoch Lancer seeks the help of his estranged sons: dapper Bostonian Scott Lancer and border-town gunslinger Johnny Madrid (IMDb).

In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Rick Dalton plays a villainous guest role similar to Joe Don Baker's in the original pilot episode. Instead of Day Pardee (Baker), Rick is playing Caleb DeCoteau.

Joe Don Baker as Day Pardee on Lancer
Rick Dalton as Caleb DeCoteau on Lancer
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