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Kim Mathis is a fictional character from Death Proof played by Tracie Thoms. She is good friends with Zoe Bell, Abernathy, and Lee. She is a professional stunt woman. She is the driver when Zoe plays Ship's Mast (riding on the hood of a car at high speeds).

Fun Quotes

  • Kim: "You know what happens to mothafuckas who carry knives? They get SHOT!"
  • Kim: "I'm the horniest mothafucka on the road!!"
  • Kim: "Oh, you KNOW I can't let you go....until I TAP DAT AZZZ...ONE...MORE...TIIIME!!"


  • Kim's yellow and black striped Ford Mustang Mach I is a reference to the original "Eleanor" in Gone in 60 Seconds and The Bride's yellow and black "Game of Death" tracksuit in Kill Bill: Volume 1.
  • Kim's car also has a Pussy Wagon sticker on the back which is a refrerence to Buck's truck which The Bride steals in Kill Bill.
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