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General Trivia

The Spaghetti Western Flashback/Vengeance Theme concept:

  • When The Bride sees her enemies we zoom in on her eyes and we then see an orange/red spaghetti western flashback as the theme from Ironside plays. This vengeance theme/visual effect happpens when she sees Vernita Green & O-Ren Ishii. Yet, it does not happen with any other of her enemies...
  • When The Bride sees Sofie Fatale in the House of Blue Leaves bathroom we hear the Vengeance theme play but do not see the spaghetti western flashback....
  • The Bride hides under Budd's trailer home, but we never see/hear the Vengeance theme/flashback when shes in his presence....
  • When The Bride sees Elle Driver from the hill above Budd's trailer, again we hear the theme play but do not see the flashback...
  • Why? The reason is because they don't see HER. For the spaghetti western flashback effect to happen her enemies have to be aware of her presence.

Hanzo Sword Concept

  • As stated by Quentin Tarantino on the TCM Special Interview, Elvis Mitchell: Under The Influence: In the Kill Bill Universe, once a Hanzo sword is unsheathed, it must get some blood spilled on it or a curse is placed on the current owner of the sword.

Volume 1 Trivia

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Volume 2 Trivia

  • Pai Mei, as kung fu film aficionados know is based on a historical character in Chinese folklore named Bak Mei aka "White-eyebrow Taoist". He was later featured as a villain in Shaw Brothers Studios kung fu films including Executioners From Shaolin and Fists of The White Lotus, which is where Gordon Liu plays a hero facing off against Pai Mei.
  • The role of Bill was originally offered to Warren Beatty. It was Warren Beatty who suggested Tarantino might think about casting David Carradine.
  • In some of the flashbacks, Bill is seen playing a long flute. This flute is actually an old prop that belongs to actor David Carradine from his "Kung-Fu" days. It was also used in a fantasy Kung-Fu film called Circle of Iron aka "The Silent Flute" written by Bruce Lee.
  • In the script, there was originally a whole chapter written about Gogo Yubari's twin sister's revenge which would explain the fate of the "Pussy Wagon". The chapter was titled "Yuki's Revenge" was ultimately cut from filming so that they could film a new chapter, "Massacre at Two Pines" that shows us the events that unfolded the entire film. Yuki was to be played by Kou Shibasaki who co-starred with Chiaki Kuriyama (who plays Gogo in Vol.1) in the Japanese movie Battle Royale (2000).
  • A movie poster for Mr. Majestyk can be seen in Budd's trailer. The film was an Elmore Leonard adaptation, and starred one of Tarantino's favorite actors Charles Bronson. The film is also mentioned in True Romance.
  • "Detective driving to the Chapel, actor(Michael Parks), drives in with the sunglasses lined up on the dashboard. Tarantino's homage to the original 1974 'Gone in Sixty Seconds' detective driving up to the scene of the crime.
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