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This is an archive of all of our news coverage related to Kill Bill from 1/1/06 till 12/31/06.

Kill Bill Diary reviewed (Dec 27)

Thanks to Santa, who slipped me a copy of David Carradine's The Kill Bill Diary, I had a few wonderful hours with a book I really enjoyed, please read my review here: The Kill Bill Diary by David Carradine Book Review. Enjoy!

Kill Bill Diary is out (Nov 18)

" this mixture of autobiography, biography, and behind-the-scenes account, the director emerges as a rare and enigmatic talent and a true film genius. Despite the book's diary format, it is surprisingly fluid and graceful; Carradine is a stylish and witty writer. ....readers interested in the people who make movies, rather than the moviemaking itself, will be well pleased. Like Tarrantino, Carradine has always had a reputation for being enigmatic, but here he comes off both humble and remarkably multifaceted...."

The Book is out now, and we are looking for reviewers. Order the book online now using our links and after you read it, send in your full-page book reviews for a chance to see yours published right here on the front page. If the number of sent-in book reviews exceeds 30, we will draw one lucky winner who will receive a special prize.

Buy now from to support this site. The book is being released by Harper Perennial as a 320 page paperback, it is on sale for about 11 dollars right now.

Kill Bill Special Edition DVD leaves Miramax (Feb 8)

Thanks to The Digital Bits, we can finally more or less confirm what I thought all a long: The delay of really good Special Edition Kill Bill DVDs is due to the Miramax - Weinstein split. According to the insiders at TDB, the release rights to Kill Bill are now in the Weinstein Company's possession. From now on, all DVD releases from them will be handled by their DVD distribution arm Genius Products, of which Derailed will be the the first release. Just yesterday I suspected Kill Bill - The Whole Bloody Affair to be a potential blue-ray candidate, but I am very confident that the Weinsteins will soon surprise us with an announcement of a hopefully all-time-greatest DVD release of Kill Bill, one that would be on eye-level with Sin City Recut & Extended. So stay tuned, folks, there's hope!

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