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A list of references to QT's own movies that can be found in Kill Bill.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)


Reservoirdogsblonde9uj.jpg Kb2mrblondepose3yt.jpg

Reservoirdogsgasoline9fc.jpg Kb2gasoline10pt.jpg

  • As the sheriff walks into the destroyed wedding chapel with bodies on the floor, the radio starts. Before it gets to the right song, someone can be heard singing "Dónde Està". In the Reservoir Dogs torture scene, the same sound bite is heard before Mr. Blonde changes the station to K-BILLY.
  • The black/white suits

KB 1 black suits.jpg

  • The trunk shot

RD trunk.jpg KB 1 trunk.jpg

  • The toilet scene

RD toilet.jpgKB 1 toilet.jpg

True Romance (1993) Directed by Tony Scott

  • Screenplay by Quentin Tarantino

Trueromanceelvissunglasses7pc.jpgKB1 BRIDE25.jpg


  • On the wall in Budd's trailer hangs a poster for Mr. Majestyk (1974). In True Romance, Drexl (Gary Oldman) refers to Clarence as "Motherfuckin' Charlie Bronson: Mr. Majestyk."

Pulp Fiction (1994)

  • During the scene at the House of Blue Leaves, right before The Bride cuts off Sofie's arm, she tells O-Ren that they have "unfinished business." The close up camera angle of The Bride's lips is the same angle Quentin Tarantino used in Pulp Fiction when Mia told Vincent (through a microphone) that she'd be down "in two shakes of a lamb's tail."

Pulpfictionlips8he.jpg Kb1lips4rn.jpg

  • At the beginning of the scene where the sheriff walks into the church after the wedding massacre, there is music playing. When the singers say "Donde esta" there is a static sound like a radio changing station. Quentin used this same sound effect in the opening credits of Pulp Fiction to change from "Misirlou" to "Jungle Boogie".
  • When the Bride says the word "square" to Vernita, she draws three sides of a square in the air with her finger. Uma Thurman's character in Pulp Fiction did nearly the same thing, except drew all 4 sides of the square.

Miabeasquare1rb.gif Kb1square3tb.jpg

  • A violent wake up

Pulpfictionoding9yc.jpg Kb1coma5oy.jpg

  • The black/white suits

Black suit Mia.jpg Black suit Elle.jpg

  • The white Honda that Butch crashes in Pulp Fiction and that is driven in Jackie Brown is seen at the parking lot of the strip club Budd works at as the title of Chapter 7 appears.


  • The black/white suits.

Pulpfictionblacksuits7rq.jpgKB 1 black suits.jpg

KB 1 red apple.jpg PF Red apple mia.jpg

KB 1 trunk.jpgPF trunk.jpg

  • Bare feet

PF feet dance.jpg KB 1 feet sophie.jpg5678 feet.jpg

PF feet.jpg PF foot esmeralda.jpg

  • The finger shot

Vlcsnap-14848.jpg PF finger the wolf.jpg

  • The bathroom scene

KB 1 toilet.jpg PF toilet.jpg

Natural Born Killers (1994) Directed by Oliver Stone

  • Tarantino has openly stated he doesnt like this film.


From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) Directed by Robert Rodriguez


  • Trunk shot

FDTD trunk.jpg

FDTD red apple.jpg

  • Bare feet

FDTD foot.jpg

Jackie Brown (1997)

  • The animated map

Jackie Brown map.jpg

JB jackie suit.jpg

  • The trunk shot

JB trunk.jpg

  • Bare feet shot

JB melanie feet.jpg

  • The bathroom scene

JB toilet.jpg

  • The white Honda Civic

JB honda civic.jpg

  • Corpse view

Corpse viewJackie Brown.jpg Corpse view KB 2.jpg

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