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Kill Bill: The Tarantino Archives Ultimate Reference Guide

Compiled by Sebastian Haselbeck, Pete Roberts and the rest of the crew from The contents of these pages were written by the community, please do not reprint and/or publish information on these pages without asking for permission and/or referring/linking to, thank you and enjoy!


This movie guide lists a wide range of movies that have inspired Kill Bill (both Volumes). It provides cover/poster images, links to buy them and the information on how they influenced Kill Bill or how those movies are somehow linked to it as well. These movies are not listed in order.

Kill Bill has often been described as a movie geek's movie i.e. a movie for people who know all the various genres and films that are referenced. A movie for people who'll shout out in excitement "Ah, that shot's from a Leone film! did you see that?!". Of course Kill Bill is entertaining for everybody regardless. But you definitely get the movie-encyclopedic kick out of it if you know what's behind Kill Bill. The Tarantino Archives community have done research on the film's influences/references and what follows is a comprehensive list (to be extended) of movies that likely inspired Kill Bill or where the ideas may have came from. Kill Bill was inspired by many different genres and films. Not all movies listed here are 'officially' movies that inspired it. The titles may contain scenes, characters, shots that are similar or might have a connection. Most of these movies were chosen by our online community.


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