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=== Plot In Film Order (Real-Time Order In Brackets) ===
=== Plot In Film Order (Real-Time Order In Brackets) ===

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Plot In Film Order (Real-Time Order In Brackets)

Contains SPOILERS!

Chapter Six: Massacre at Two Pines (3)


Like Volume 1, this film opens in black and white, and it takes place four years before the events in Kill Bill Volume 1, at the very nexus of the whole shebang, the now infamous "Massacre at Two Pines". We are introduced to a very different and very pregnant Beatrix Kiddo, under the alias of "Arlene Machiavelli". We are also introduced to her husband to be, Mr. Tommy Plympton, their three female friends who were to serve as bridemaids, the preacher Reverend Harmony, his wife, and 'ole Rufus on the organ. The story unfolds as the couple go over the wedding ceremony, when a surprise guest appears in the form of Bill himself. Bill doesn't reveal his intentions at all throughout his reunion with Ms. Beatrix Kiddo, and it is not until we see the four other members of The DiVAs (Deadly Viper Assassination Squad) that we know this is the beginning of the end for Beatrix.

Chapter Seven: The lonely grave of paula schultz (8)


The Bride tracks down Budd aka Sidewinder to his trailer in the middle of the Barstow desert. Budd has gone downhill since leaving the DiVAS. Hes now a good for nothing drunk who works as a bouncer/janitor at the The My Oh My Strip Club. When The Bride tries to attack Budd, she is bushwhacked in return. Budd shoots her with rock salt and injects her with a serum, knocking her out and leaving her completely helpless. The Bride is then brought to a cemetery where after awaking, she is buried alive by Budd and his scummy pal Ernie.

Chapter Eight: The Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei (2)


We go back several years to see how The Bride first met one of her teachers, the ancient kung fu master Pai Mei (Gordon Liu). The Bride trains under Pai Mei and learns the mysteries of kung fu including the animal fighting styles such as Eagles Claw, Snakefist and more!

We then flash forward to the present where The Bride uses her training from Pai Mei to punch her way out of the coffin Budd left her in.

Chapter Nine: ELLE and I (9)


We learn The Bride's real name in this chapter (Beatrix Kiddo). Then its The Bride Vs. Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) as the two have an all out, knock down, drag out bitch fight inside Budds cramped camper. The action is intense and brutal with lots of hard hitting punches, smashed walls, heads in toilets and faces splashed with Budd's tobacco spittle. When Elle Driver reveals to The Bride she murdered Pai Mei, The Bride swears to avenge him. In the end, The Bride is the victor after she rips Elle's remaining eyeball out using her deadly Eagles Claw!!

Last Chapter: Face to Face (10)


The Bride travels to Acuna, Mexico and meets the man who raised Bill, Esteban Vihaio (Michael Parks). She then gets Bill's whereabouts and when she arrives to take him out, she is shocked to find her daughter is still alive! Its a classic Tarantino face off with the Bride and Bill discussing their shared journey and how things got so out of control for them. In the end, The Bride gets her ultimate revenge on the man who made her the unstoppable master killer she became.

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