Iron Monkey

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Iron Monkey is a 1993 Hong Kong martial arts movie. Quentin Tarantino acted as producer/presenter for a US theatrical and home video re-release in 2001 by Miramax. That version suffers from some heavy handed modifications compared to the original version (music replacement, scenes removed, characters renamed and backstories invented through the subtitles, which are not an accurate translation of the original). The movie boasts some of the most impressive kung fu fight scenes, an intriguing Robin Hood type story and some adult subject matter. It is highly entertaining, intense, impressive and influential.

Available releases worldwide:

  • USA: Miramax re-edit on BluRay or on DVD -
  • UK: Eureka uncut 2K restoration of the original on BluRay or on DVD - Amazon UK
  • Germany: Amazia uncut version on BluRay or on DVD, out of print -
  • France: none


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