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Inglourious References Guide

  • The name Aldo Raine is a homage to one of QTs favorite actors: Aldo Ray. Ray starred in both Hollywood studio films and classic exploitation films. The last name "Raine" is a homage to the character Major Charles Rane from one of QTs favorite revenge films Rolling Thunder.
  • The title is a homage to the 1977 Italian war movie Quel Maledetto Treno Blindato aka Inglorious Bastards
  • During the La Louisiane section of the film, the characters begin doing "spit-takes" (spitting water out in a surprised fashion). This is a homage to one of QT's favorite screwball comedies Hi Diddle Diddle (1943), co-starring Pola Negri, a name that also appears in the script

It's In The Music...

  • The title theme from the aforementioned film Dark of the Sun is featured as a special bonus track that was added into the final re-edited theatrical version.
  • "The Man With The Big Sombrero" song from the film Hi Diddle Diddle appears in the movie.


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