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If you like Quentin Tarantino...

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Title: If you like Quentin Tarantino...

  • Author: Katherine Rife
  • Publisher: Limelight / Hal Leonard
  • Pages: 190
  • ISBN:
  • Date: November 2012
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
  • Series: If you like...

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Description: If You Like Quentin Tarantino... draws on over 60 years of cinema history to crack the Tarantino code and teach readers to be confidently conversant in the language of the grindhouse and the drive-in. What fans love about director Quentin Tarantino is the infectious enthusiasm that's infused into every frame of his films. And Tarantino films lend themselves exceptionally well to reference and recommendation, because each, itself, is a dense collage of references and recommendations. Spaghetti westerns, blaxploitation, revenge sagas, car-chase epics, samurai cinema, film noir, kung fu, slasher flicks, war movies, and today's neo-exploitation explosion: There's an incredible range of vibrant and singularly stylish films to discover. If You Like Quentin Tarantino... is an invitation to connect with a cinematic community dedicated to all things exciting, outrageous, and unapologetically badass.