Grindhouse in Switzerland

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Tarantino.Info sent a team of two courageous and daring professionals down into the Alps to report from the International Film Festival of Locarno. Knowing that the Swiss are only armed with little red army knives, we sent our team down there armed only with a digital camera and enough money to afford movie tickets. This is what they have returned with....

Basel, Switzerland, August 4th 2007. Our team, knowing that they will go to Locarno the next morning, decides to get themselves into the mood and watch Death Proof at a local movie theater.

Planet Terror in Locarno

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Locarno, Switzerland, August 5th 2007. Another exhausting train ride through the beautiful Swiss landscape, and our team of daredevils arrives at Lake Maggiore and begins to scout out Locarno. After being supplied by The Weinstein Company and their Swiss partner, Ascot Elite, with tickets to the premiere screening of Planet Terror (The Quentin Tarantino Archives would like to thank those who made this possible), our team mixed with the local celebrities, and hours later, when darkness had arrived, took their seats at the Piazza Grande to witness Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan introduce the movie on a huge screen, and then witness several hundred people experience one wild ride of a movie.

Grindhouselocarno sign.jpg

After the screening, our team, excited and full of joy, participated in what will enter history books as "the great autograph hunt of Locarno", and scored a couple of pictures and autographs. After having a few drinks (for which they had to pay their own way, Tarantino.Info can not pay their employees for booze!) with a native Swiss, who is also a member in our message board, our team killed a few hours of the night and then set out to leave Switzerland. Again by train.

We hope you enjoyed our reviews. Here are a few pictures and a video of the introduction (which is hosted at our new official YouTube channel).


All pictures are (c) except for the wide-angle picture. Pictures are resized, please click on them for a larger version and a description.

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--Sebastian 22:51, 14 August 2007 (CEST)

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