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Author: "Black Mamba"

For an aspiring director, you don't expect Quentin Tarantino to not only star in a movie as a main character, but not direct the movie he wrote either. Directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring female favorite, George Clooney, from the long running show "ER", Salma Hayek, Cheech Martin, and Juliette Lewis, "From Dusk til' Dawn" is a fun movie to sit through, pretty much no matter what kind of genres you're into. I'd put this movie towards the top of the list of films that don't have a defenite genre, because one minute you're watching criminals trying to deal with a family of hostages, and the next minute, everything is interupted by blood-sucking vampires. Sounds very strange indeed, but it's just that thrilling change of the plot which makes the whole experience exciting enough to the point where you think "I can't get bored now". The story starts out with the "Gecko brothers" (clooney and tarantino) traveling towards Mexico for a meeting with some other crime buffs which involves money. On the way, they kidnap a retired preacher and his two teenage kids to use as a tool to get across the border, since their own faces are widely recognized by police. The two brothers plan to have the meeting at a crazy bar/truckstop, appropriatley named "From Dusk til' Dawn" because it is open inbetween just those times. Havoc breaks loose at such an unexpected time and place for vampires! At this point in the movie, the whole genre changes unexpectedly. The second half of the movie changes the roles of the characters around as the kidnappers become the prey also. As I will leave it to you to watch and see what crazy things happen in the bar as spoilers make for no fun, I will say that the killing and gore is more along the lines of comedy than horror; if you are refferring to the entertainment factor. In the same idea as movies such as Peter Jackson's "Braindead", Robert Rodriguez makes killing fun to watch with such things as a guitar made from a dead body, and a gun attached to a guy's waistline; shaped like his....ugh....leave that to yourself to figure out. Even if you have a weak stomach, the comedic things that occur; make up for the blood and gore you sit through. Alot of people may be irritated by the plot change, because one minute they're enjoying a crime based story, then ridiculous things happen next that show no seriousness. If this film was made to be based around all vampire killing, then it would recieve a medicore view from most, but the fun characters (especially Tarantino, who plays a pervert ), creative killing,....and did I say "topless vampire strippers" ??? I will give this film: A-

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