Elliot Blitzer

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Elliot Blitzer is a character played by Bronson Pinchot in True Romance. Elliot is a top assistant to movie producer Lee Donowitz. Elliot also is an aspiring actor who goes to acting school with Dick Ritchie. The two are friends. He is killed during the Mexican standoff at the end of the movie.

Fun Quotes

  • Det. Cody Nicholson: "Elliot, how do ya feel?"
  • Elliot: "How do I feel? I've got like a brick..in my scrotum."
  • Det. Cody Nicholson: "Elliot say something"
  • Elliot: "Ok...HI! My names Elliot, I'm with the Cub Scouts of America and we're trying to sell uncut cocaine to get to the jamboree!"
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