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==== Spanish (Mexico) ====
==Official Artwork==
==Official Artwork==

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Official Character Posters


Frenchdjangocharacter1.jpg Frenchdjangocharacter2.jpg Frenchdjangocharacter3.jpg Frenchdjangocharacter4.jpg Frenchdjangocharacter5.jpg

English / International

  • Click to enlarge

Djangochar2.jpg Djangochar1.jpg Djangochar3.jpg Djangochar4.jpg Djangochar5.jpg

Spanish (Mexico)

Djangokerrypostermex.jpg Djangojacksonpostermex.jpg Djangoleopostermex.jpg

Official Artwork

Second teaser poster

  • Click to enlarge. From left to right: Spain, USA/International English, French

Djangounchainedposter2spanish.jpg Djangounchainedteaserposter2.jpg DjangoUnchainedFrenchPoster2.jpg

Teaser Posters

You can click to enlarge and see a higher quality version. Order: US/Spain/Italy/France/Brazil/UK/Denmark/Germany-Austria/Mexico/Argentina. Check back regularly as we add new ones.


Django-unchained poster es 600px.jpg Django-unchained poster it.jpg Django-unchained poster fr.jpg Django-livre cartaz-br 800px.jpg Django-unchained-uk poster 800px.jpg Django-unchained poster dk.jpg Django-unchained poster atde.jpg Djangosincadenas mx.jpg Djangosincadenas teaserposter ar.jpg

Unofficial Fan Posters

Federico Mancosu

These posters were made before the official artwork. The style was later adopted for the official art. Click to enlarge.

Djangofanpost2.png Djangofanpost1.jpg


XGWHo.jpg NkIfw.jpg

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