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Django is the title character in Django Unchained played by Jamie Foxx.



  • Django (originally spelled Jango) is an African-American slave who becomes a professional bounty hunter under the tutelage of Dr. King Schultz.


  • Django goes back to a character of the same name in the movie of the same name, played by Franco Nero: The spaghetti western Django of 1966 directed by Sergio Corbucci. Click here to read more on that
  • Django's green jacket and cowboy hat were patterned after the ones Little Joe (Michael Landon) wore on the Western TV series Bonanza.
  • Django's sunglasses are a replica of the ones Charles Bronson wears in the film The White Buffalo (1977)

Cool Quotes

  • "I like the way you die boy."
  • "The name's Django...the D is silent."
  • "Kill white people and get paid for it? What's not to like?"


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