December 2006 News (Grind House)

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  • December 29th, 2006: New Grind House poster published (see here)
  • TEASER TRAILER PREMIERE: On Spike TV's 2006 SCREAM AWARDS, the first teaser for Grind House was shown. Audiences got a sneak peek at Robert Rodriguez's infected people sub-genre horror film Planet Terror. Then, if that wasn't cool enough, a bit of the fake trailer for MACHETE (Danny Trejo) was shown in the middle. Robert has done an incredible job bringing that old school exploitation flavor to both these pieces and they are sure to be 100% pure fun. Spike TV also gave an award to both Quentin and Robert for their past film work. Included was a kick-ass montage of both directors' films played together. A great night for fans and the two masters of movie mayhem!!
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