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Curdled is a 1996 independent feature film by Reb Braddock developed out of his own student film.

Main Details

  • Released in 1996
  • Color
  • Director: Reb Braddock
  • Executive Producer: Quentin Tarantino
  • French title: Sang-froid


  • After seeing Reb Braddock's original Curdled student film (also starring Angela Jones), Quentin Tarantino produced this feature film version.




  • Commentary by the director and producer (co-writers Reb Braddock and John Maass),
  • a making-of featurette complete with brief interviews with cast and crew,
  • the 30 minute short film that caught Quentin Tarantino's attention at a film festival in Italy,
  • the even shorter 'Baby Curdled' - a film school directing project by John Maass,
  • an extensive photo gallery mostly consisisting of candid shots of the cast and crew,
  • deleted scenes and an alternate ending,
  • the original theatrical trailer,
  • by far the coolest interactive menu - watch for the fly!
  • the commercials and made-for-tv movie that are seen in the film,
  • the 'dance of death' rehearsal - you have got to see this!
  • probably more than I'm not recalling
  • Most features have an introduction/explanation by director Reb Braddock.

Comments: The late but great DVD of Curdled. Good quality and a huge bunch of cool extras make this black-comedy indie flick a great one to own on DVD. A totally funny and well-made film and the DVD has tons of extras. This is defintely a DVD that was worth the wait. Get it!

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