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Cliff Booth (played by Brad Pitt) is Rick Dalton's longtime stunt double and close friend. He is a former Green Beret and served in WWII. The character was partly inspired by stunt legend/director Hal Needham, Gary Kent, who did stunts for a film made on Spahn Ranch, while the Manson Family was living there and Gene LeBell, a martial artist and stuntman. In the film, we see Cliff sparring with martial arts trainer/choreographer and future movie legend Bruce Lee.

  • Cliff lives in a trailer next to the Van Nuys Drive-In. QT characters Cliff Worley and Budd also lived in trailers.
  • Cliff drives a VW Karmann Ghia. This car was the model Quentin's stepdad drove. Also driven by The Bride in Kill Bill.
  • "Cliff is a World War II hero and one of the deadliest guys alive. He could kill you with a spoon, a piece of paper or a business card. Consequently, he is a rather Zen dude who is troubled by very little.” - QT speaking to USA Today
  • Partly inspired by the title character of the film Billy Jack (1971). In the opening of the film, Cliff is wearing the actual denim clothes worn by Tom Laughlin in the first Billy Jack film Born Losers, which he was the stunt man on. The clothes were chosen by Cliff over a money payment.


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