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== Videos ==
== Videos ==

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The BBC Omnibus series broadcasted a profil documentary on Quentin Tarantino in 1994 as Pulp Fiction hit the UK screens. It includes interviews with many of collaborators. It's shot in part in Quentin Tarantino Hollywood appartment and the Video Archives.

Variety Review

  • You can read the Variety review HERE.

Tarantino disciples will get a rush from this first full-length docu on the geek-made-good cult helmer, but non-believers are likely to wonder what all the fuss is about. This entry in the BBC's arts strand "Omnibus" is hardcore buff stuff.

After an introductory pan round Tarantino's West Hollywood apartment (a symphony of movie bric-a-brac, piled vidcassettes, and referential one-sheets), the first two interviewees hit the nail straight on the head. Monte Hellman:"Quentin's life experience is cinema, so it's natural he makes films about cinema." Terry Gilliam:"For years he's been building all these things up inside himself, and then just ... whooompf!" (...) Read More.


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