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how should we categorize those new movie pages you opened up.... maybe create a category that houses all those that we might call "movie influences" or something? i appreciate the effort you've put into those and I think that could be going somewhere. we could even include dvd covers and amazon links, in case people wanna extend their dvd collection. but we need to find some kind of concept for that. i am a concept guy, haha. also, i've been thinking about your idea of an exploitation wiki... haven't let loose of that idea, but i wanna get this semester to be over first..... --Sebastian 00:11, 24 April 2007 (CEST)


Yeah, this is exactly why I suggested we get the Grind House refrences guide open, because then we could put them all in there. Just like the Kill Bill one has, except bigger of course.


you're going nuts in here, haha --Sebastian 20:32, 26 April 2007 (CEST)


your a fucking madman - Turboman


hey Pete, some things I wanted to mention, things that might be helpful:

  • the "recent changes" in the main menu is a very useful tool to follow what is going on, what people changed and what's worked on. it's what I check three times a day and I recommend following it a little bit
  • there is a "special pages" menu entry bottom left, that has some useful tools you can try out, I especially like the "uncategorized pages" links that reveals pages that sometimes get "left behind" in categorizing
  • I really don't think it's necessary to go all out and create pages for everything that gets mentioned in some film, like the Elvis page you created. I think that page was rather pointless, I don't think it was necessary. If there are things that you think might need a link, you can always give a piece of text or a word or term an external link over to wikipedia or something.
  • We need to talk about where we wanna take all this exploitation stuff and your great movie reviews (btw, wanna publish your navajo joe review over at
  • I really wanna push filling in the gaps, i am setting up a bunch of kill bill pages and sub pages right now, kind of as a model of how i want content to look like on all movie pages. at the spaghetti western database, you can kind of see where this might be going, towards a unified layout model for movie entries, with subpages for everything that's important with a movie. on the main page of a movie really just the essentials, everything else goes into subpages, accessible through a nice menu on the side or something.
  • just a reminder on "minor changes" checkbox. sometimes i forget to use it as well, but for the recent changes page it is really useful, so nobody goes through tons of pages in case really just minor changes were being made
  • uh, that's it for now, let me know if you got this, and have fun going crazy ;-) --Sebastian 08:08, 29 May 2007 (CEST)

yeah you can transfer stuff if you like. but look at what i changed at the kill bill pages, maybe you wanna fill in stuff there, or apply those changed to all other movie pages as well. as i said some time ago, i want to provide the essential information on all movies (also DVD info) most importantly. --Sebastian 23:24, 29 May 2007 (CEST)

i liked your last email idea. i'll work in it. just keep the plot stuff in seperate sub pages, and the dvd stuff maybe.... btw, i have to fix this "contact" page, it will send me an email, but it wouldnt let me reply because it gives me my own adress as the sender's adress, haha --Sebastian 02:48, 30 May 2007 (CEST)

okay made all these changes to the kill bill changes now. check it out, see if you like it. we're missing a little plot summary on the front page, we are missing ALL the dvd information worldwide, and we're missing pictures and most of all posters. posters should be like 200 or max 250 pixels wide. screenshots and still also not wider than 300 or so, i think that's enough. we can always provide bigger ones under "media/downloads" as wallpapers. send me a regular email to my address, so i can respond to it if you like, or just reply back on my talk page --Sebastian 03:25, 30 May 2007 (CEST)

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