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Position: Editor

Name: Christopher Hughes

Age: 21

Country of residence: Wales, Uk

A bit about me

Ever since I have been interested in film,Tarantino has always been an idol of mine. His first film that I ever watched was Pulp Fiction and it still remains my favourite film of all time. (I know its a bit of a cliché but its true!) I also love Reservoir Dogs and all of the movies that Tarantino has had a hand in. I do enjoy Scorsese Gangster flicks and I am a huge Coen Brothers fan. My favourite actor has to be Robert De Niro with Samuel L as a close second. oh and I cannot stand Nicholas cage.

I studied Film and Media in College and I intend on studying film and media production in university later this year! I hope to become a film journalist one day.

To Do List

1. Write a review on the book Tarantino The man,The myths and his movies

2. Continue to edit and improve the wiki

3. Help Sebastian and the other editors make this shit hot website even better!!

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