The Quentin Tarantino Archives 2006 Christmas Shopping Guide

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The Quentin Tarantino Archives has a long tradition of coming up with shopping recommendations for christmas. We understand that not everyone has followed the news or knows what new products are out there, and especially, which ones can really be recommended. Therefore, this page will provide a short list of items for your christmas list, items that will make every Tarantino fan happy if put under the christmas tree.



  • The Kill Bill Diary
  • Click here to find out everything you wanna know about it and find quick and easy Amazon links. The Kill Bill Diary is an intimate look behind the development of Kill Bill from "Bill"'s perspective, a great read and certainly an awesome gift for any Tarantino fan to put under the christmas tree.


  • Tarantino (by Jim Smith)
  • Tarantino (by Jim Smith) is the new favorite Tarantino book of our community. It is the best one that came out recently, it is a great read, very well written and offers a good concept and layout to serve as a look-up book. Tarantino fans have to own this. Click this link to hop over to our overview page for this book, were you'll also find a review and our quick and easy Amazon links.



  • Reservoir Dogs 15th Anniversary Edition (Limited Gas Can package 2-DVD Edition)
  • This great release will rock everyone's DVD shelf for sure, as it is a tin gas can with the 2 DVDs packaged like matches. The audio and video quality taken up a notch, great extras and all that.... fuck, it's Reservoir Dogs! For only 15 little ones this is possibly the best gift we can recommend for this season!
  • Click here to be taken to now!


  • OldBoy Limited Tin Ulitmate collector's Edition
  • This awesome ingenious revenge story from Korea is now presented in a collector's edition that will give Santa Clause a hard-on! Grab it while it's hot!
  • Buy at now!



  • Pulp Fiction (Extended Soundtrack)
  • Click here to see our list of all tracks in Pulp Fiction, together with some fancy Amazon links that you can use to order the extended soundtrack CD that comes with a bunch of interviews and songs that have never been on the previously released CD. This is a great opportunity to finally get this one for sure!

Merchandise/Other stuff

Tarantino XX BluRay
Bad Mother Fucker Pulp Fiction Wallet