The Misbehavers

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A husband and wife (Antonio Banderas and Tamlyn Tomita) plan to go out to a New Year's Eve party with their two children before they decide they would have more 'fun' leaving the children in the hotel. Ted is paid $500 to keep an eye on the children by the father, who gives them the stern warning not to misbehave. As Ted is responsible for the entire hotel, he is unable to actually stay in the room with the children, but instead instructs the children to amuse themselves by watching television. After Ted leaves, the siblings quickly begin to squabble and proceed to both explore and vandalize the room, exploding a bottle of champagne in the process. The children call Ted on the phone to ask for milk and cookies, at which point he delivers them stale crackers and milk and attempts unsuccessfully to put them to bed. After being summoned back to the room once more, Ted stumbles into a scene of mass chaos, and finds the source of the terrible odor in the room, a dead prostitute stuffed under the mattress. While Ted tries to quell the chaos in the room, the children's parents reenter the room and ask "Did they misbehave?"


  • The woman dancing on the TV is Salma Hayek.
  • While the children are watching television in The Misbehavers, the first image seen on the television is a scene from Robert Rodriguez's short film Bedhead.
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